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Wind likes water

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November 24, 2008

  We are young means we are full of energy,passion,creativity and all the positive factor.Because of young,there is no reason to feel afraid or discouraged.When we fail,we can make it again.When you lose something,we have others to appreciate.So it's good to the young!

      Young is fire,red bright fire,like the blood.We have enough time and energy to realize our dreams.Although it will make us full of scars,it does matter no!Since we really want it,so we'll make it!

      Young is green,a clean and fresh life.It's the beginning of the new life.It contains curiosity and intellectual hunger!It's new and it needs new blood!Just in the grass to enjoy a dew of moisture!

      Young is challenge,unbelievable challenge.Whether challenge is a "real" challenge is up to us.If we are confedent,it will be just a process,which improve us to a new platform.And this process is not a difficult time,but a process of self-understanding.Finally,we'll have a unforgettable memory!

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10:51 PM Nov 24 2008


Yes!We are young,noting can prevent us.Fighting!