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May 19, 2008

Today,the Olympic torch was transmitted in my city.I chased the torch relay with many other people but saw nothing!People ran and ran and guessed where the torch could be transmitted past.For me,waled for more the 5 hours to catch a glance at the torch,even only for a short second!

We meant to go to a famous square named “Ba Yi Square” named after “ August 1st” in memory of a revolution happening on August 1st..But considering the situation that most of people welcomed the torch there,we changed our way there to another place.

We found a place in the opposite of Tengwang Hall,a famous hall in China,by the street side,and not many people.After a long time,we were informed the torch was transmitted in the bus past us,which we cheered for,but didn't know the torch was in it!

Then we set up our mind to WALK to another square quite far away!In the half way,we saw somewhere a lot of people gathered,we found the true Olympic torch after we came up!and I took some photos shown in my album ,just next to the torch!(this athlete had transmitted the holly fire)

In the end,we saw nothing after being there because of too many people,but still amazed to see the torch earlier.I think that is the luckiest thing for me today!

What makes me feel more lucky is,the torch will be transmitted on July 31st in my hometown,when I am in my summer holiday!So if you come to China,come to my hometown on July 31st,contact me,yilonglucky@yahoo.cn

M happy to be your guide!


Words above were written on last Friday,but too tired to upload to Ebaby!All people that day prayed for the victims in 5.12 earthquake,and this afternoon,all people around our our country observed three minutes’ silence in memory of the victims.I told my friends,all that we can do is do our recent business well,most importantly,we should learn to value our family,our friends and everything we have got!

Pray for everyone!!!

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07:09 AM May 19 2008

United States

 Feel so sad about this!Frown The olympics is to bring sports and friendship together!Innocent How will the light of the torch shine?Undecided What is said is admirable!Innocent In this spirit I am willing to help in the practice of written English: David Aranow, Post Office Box 88, Cockeysville, Maryland 21094-0088 United States of America

  From my place to others hope the spirit of sports and friendship continue, no matter the  problems that come to us!Tongue out