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June 18, 2008

There once r two lovers.They both love each other deeply.The boy promises,I will love u forever.

But one day the boy is sick and will die because of an incurable disease.After then,the girl brings food to him in hospital from home everyday,until one day she finds the boy is being with another girl patient.So the girl is so broken-hearted and says to the boy,I love u so much,so I choose to leave first.And leaves with tears.

Afterwards,the boy says to the another girl,thank u for helping us each other,and says to himself,yep, The one who loves most leaves first.

This is just a story in Chinese I read years ago,and I typed it in English…for something.No need to suppose too much.I like some lyrics someone likes too,”I will choose to go back to be alone for u””I give up the forever for love to u””leave u,just for u,hurt u pretending to be cruel”


Sorry for my poor English,maybe I can’t express that feelings wonderfully.But what I hope u can do is go ahead,enjoy your nowadays,so is my wish.Best wishes to u!



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12:05 AM Jun 19 2008


Viet Nam

Cry a sad story but I think the boy happened right. And I have one for you too

My story is about a couple. One day the girl asked her love with the sad eyes "if I were sick would you worry?"

the boy answered ."no, I would not". the girl continued to ask and she started crying"if I were seriously ill and I might not pass. Would you sad?" 

"No I would not"- the boy said

Now she was crying loudly and asked:"If I died would you cry?"

"No I would not. Because if you were sick, I would take care of you. we would always side by side and I would help you get better so I would not worry. If you were seriously ill,  I would go everywhere to look for the best doctor who can cure you. I would be so busy so I would not be sad. And If you died I would not cry because I would go with you. I 'll never let you alone. I love you"

05:33 AM Jun 18 2008



A sad story.Maybe,the boy should let the girl accompany him.True love is that two people can share sorrows and happiness together no matter how hard it is.

03:08 AM Jun 18 2008



 Very nice story !