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July 31, 2008

M not good at telling a story,but I typed this story to share it with all the friends to put up with an end together.Here is the story:

Once there was an unlucky boy,left by his ex-girlfriend,failed an important exam which would affect his entire future,so he had to leave home to a remote province to study in a really bad university.

Lonely,despaired,extremely disappointed…he was living without smile,or even without mind,had no idea towards future.

Until one day,he met a cute girl on the internet,and showed love at the 3rd day!

(How reckless was this boy,hehe)

They met each other everyday on the internet and chatted about their life,interest,dream… 

This boy once told himself,no,you didn’t love her,she was worse than what u imagination,just be a friend!But he failed,and knew that,he had deeply fallen in love with her.

Gradually,the boy realised he should not ruin her future like this and he couldn’t promise this girl a good future because of distance,they r too far away from each other..If the story must go towards an end,he would rather they have no a start. 

How do think of this story’s end?What’s the end like in your imagination or u hope?Write down your opinion and share it with us!

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05:53 AM Jul 31 2008


i love this story

and i think that girl love him too

thx for sharing!!Smile