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August 21, 2008


    my friend is a foren girl ,she is a beatiful girl but she has a bad life,so i want to help her .

     my enlish is very poor ,sometime  i can't understand her mean .so i feel is sad!!!

    i belive time is fly  and i will .....

    i hope to find one and help me learn enlish ,would you like?


August 8, 2008


tonight  beijing the world's  attentionm,because olympic will start in beijing ,This is the Chinese people here are the peoples of the world's event is expected tonight will be 40 billion people's attention will be focused Beijing.

Chinese people for decades to achieve the dream finally, that this will go down in history, will bring the impact of a long, let us remember this day, let the world people remember this day, let history on this day Stay, so that one day become permanent.

04:42 AM Aug 08 2008


i agree with you that beijing the world's attention dang ran ke yi 

the biggest event is there in beijing one of the most beautiful cities in the world you see?

i like beijiiiiiiiiiinnnnggg 

August 7, 2008

The sun was bright, sunny weather, can be looked at the distant mountains, the river can listen to the sound, sitting in the top floor to enjoy the beauty of all this, is it not a kind of enjoyment! ! !

04:51 AM Aug 08 2008


yeah there is always a new day too 

summer day is a hot day in our country Tunisia nearly 42° C

so hot abd sometimes more so what do think ?

we go to the beach (to the sea)  and thats it i take a shower in the days for four times nearly hahaha Wink