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January 8, 2011

  My mother used to ask me what is the most important part of the body. Through the years I would guess at what I thought was the correct answer.
  When I was younger, I thought sound was very important to us as humans, so I said, "My ears, Mommy."She said, "No. Many people are deaf. But you keep thinking about it and I will ask you again soon."Several years passed before she asked me again. Since making my first attempt, I had contemplated the correct answer.
  So this time I told her, "Mommy, sight is very important to everybody, so it must be our eyes."
  She looked at me and told me, "You are learning fast, but the answer is not correct because there are many people who are blind."
  Over the years, Mother asked me a couple more times and always her answer was, "No, but you are getting smarter every year, my child."
  Then last year, my Grandpa died. Everybody was hurt. Everybody was crying. My Mom looked at me when it was our turn to say our final good-bye to Grandpa. She asked me, "Do you know the most important body part yet, my dear?"
  I was shocked when she asked me this now. I always thought this was a game between her and me. She saw the confusion on my face and told me, "This question is very important. It shows that you have really lived your life." I saw her eyes well up with tears. She said, "My dear, the most important body part is your shoulder."
  I asked, "Is it because it holds up your head?"
  She replied, "No, it is because it can hold the head of a friend or loved one when they cry. Everybody needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes in life, my dear. I only hope that you have enough love and friends that you will have a shoulder to cry on when you need it."
  Then and there I knew the most important body part is not a selfish one. It is sympathetic to the pain of others.

12:00 AM Jul 27 2013

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It is a nice story,but heart is the most important part of our body,because it is with heart that we feel we need to cry and emit our feelings.

04:52 PM Jan 17 2013



Wow, this is very nice blog! Thank you and your mother!

01:21 PM Sep 16 2012




06:45 PM Apr 03 2012



I think brain is the most important organ :)

11:23 AM Jan 10 2011


Heart is most important part of our body, its because heart can feel a true feeling when we hurt or happy or when we do something good for others we feel good by heart, we can understand other feelings by heart to feel it,observe it and realise it by heart. we feel true love by heart.so heart is most important part of our body, on the other hand our soul is my important how much it is pure we can understand to god and others human. body is dead one day but soul never dead, it will go to new journey for life, :) i think its enought philosophy,

its really nice blog or thought you and your mother have,

09:52 PM Jan 08 2011

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


As 4 me, I'd say the most important part is the heart, and I'm not talking literally: