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October 27, 2006

it's the last day of this week .

oringinally i am expexting for the ring .while my mood was infected by a new that i have to be on duty on sunday extrally.in our dapartment everyone is allowed to have thirties hours' overtime work.

last  week my good friends invited me to her family and i have got ready set off a moment later .but our secretary told me that it's my turn to keep watch .of course i explain that i have kept watch more than 30 hours .while she continue to tell me i have miss a card which means that i had worked 4hours free.

......i force myself not to care about it for myself .

alarm : keep five minutes between two  cards  at least .

 smile to myself ........ 


October 26, 2006

last night ,i got a phone from my sister,

she told me her company was inviting a applications for a job.which is on purchase .

the news she told me made me feel so exciting .

because i am expecting for a  chance to find a job where i can use english .

i am an open girl ,now the job i engage in is about computer .i find it's quite difficult for me to be adapt for it

but honestly speaking ,my english is at a regular level .....

so for my dream ,i will force myself to practise my english .

just now i have sent my resumes to my sister.i hope it will bring me a good chance .

i am expecting its coming!!!

good luck!!!Tongue out

October 25, 2006

do you have a lover ?

do you have  a distant lover ?

do you have a dream ?

do you expect to have a success businiss?

when the two things are conflicted ,which one would you choose ? once you make a decesion ,how do  you find the balance between them ?