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December 24, 2008

Tongue outI am concerned about you under sunlight in spring. Also, feeling deeply attached to my share is born patiently, droops embarrassed thousand field tender feelings , makes light of dance with the wind if spring breeze tailors the poplar and willow taking place in February,; Droop the emerald green work wave according to self's wish that ten thousand washes; My headstream from close water, looks for the end to distant mountain, travel in heart wayside , romantic oriental cherry, collapse feeling splits to readjust oneself to a certain extent. If your seeing , being concerned about by the side of my station tree in emerald green in luxuriant green, your. I the leaf is greenish in shy pond of summer He lotus clear, lotus other style is concerned about you in red season. My heart being unwilling to leave you, propagate out affection of a couple of sweet-hearts lingering. I am in a green hill deliberately Hua Wei bridge, the day has been concerned about you including the Five Ridges feeling in strewn at random view , dream of heart predestined relationship has been getting entangled with the summer day erysipelas on the leg , fetters and handcuffs has been holding back the deepest loneliness. Whether you can see that I am concerned about you before rain night window . Be concerned about you in my gains producing good harvests in Jin Qiu . That deep love picture is uploaded, full amatory poems characters within bleak season in flaming maple leaf, the cobblestone also throws into your heart lake if are one fragile , splash romantic spray with up , seek within undulate ripple your false false present hidden person's silhouette. I hover with the real sentiment missing once binding sunlight in September , deposit in my dreamworld, pavilion building out the beautiful immortal predestined relationship. Whether you can see that I am concerned about you in red autumn day rosy clouds in the evening . I am concerned about you in floating in the snow day. That cultivate lovesickness inside the blood deeply, form already forming life's. Soft snow of being just like winter splitting in cold wind to readjust oneself to a certain extent, the petal sweet and charming dances in the air in the winter sun sky. Whether you can see that I am concerned about you within thorough painful way of thinking youth love children's stories . Be concerned about, be that two feeling delights the heart electromagnetic wave that Aiyi attracts each other; Be concerned about, be understand that cherish appreciating that happiness owns stopping by; The emotion being concerned about , loving in being life regret when leaving is placed; Be concerned about, be sincere kindhearted human being copy of the first edition return; Be concerned about, be close feeling , friendly sentiment , amatory establishing: Be concerned about, be emotion's till true complete sincerity reveal at ease; Be concerned about, be that the wandering child overflows the homesick feelings having the heart filled with a room; Be concerned about, be amatory linkup link will never change until death; Be concerned about, be that hand and son of holding son wedges the old soul tacit agreement; Be concerned about, be passionately in love sweethearts walks into marriage palace hall love result; Be concerned about, be a proper extremely costful human being sincerity; . Be concerned about, be to cleanse genial hypocritical foreign substance temperature wind; Be concerned about , rescue Heaven sends down sweet dew redeeming the long dry grain seedling; Be concerned about, significance being life; Be concerned about, be a loving true meaning, ...

March 3, 2008

Tongue outDay by day in the heart Banbanmiaomiao ups and downs; life and Donghanchunchou often encounter, emotional and emotions of dependencies. Not cite consecutive days for the wine to drink, the drink to the United States and the United States, they must be bitter in Banmengbancheng immersed in the time.
     If we can choose, I would like to sunlight, soil and water, filled with sterile seeds from the flowers exquisite pleasure of the fruit, if possible, to put into the warm sunshine in the hearts of every hope, each in the happiness of heart Zuidao in the meet.
     Let everyone in the warm-hot day, so that everyone happiness Banbanmiaomiao time. No Dong Han, no Chunqiao; no idle worry, no busy suffer without the weary, tired Bei no, no regrets, no lack of others only US sweet, and some only warmth and happiness, only to meet some happy, some only Dream and Reality Fusion……
     Let love in the warm, the Kuankuan arms, the sons and daughters of the joy of dual dual knee in the next round, for a cup of Xiangming, a vegetable plot tours a flower garden in a pool of fish; table and delicious meals to eat, listen to a favorite music; happy to see a program, read a touching words at the heart of a Liangliang lights, Yong one of the bluest of blue skies……
     If so, let me enthusiasm to soothe the hearts of every one cold, and they did not let the cold did not lonely, not ridiculous and boring, there are only magnanimous and Tashi. If so, I will let my blood to each of the hot thirst, so they do not have the scorching, no boring, and some just cool and comfortable. If so, let me bones to the top every time a disaster struck, they do not have hard not difficult, no harm and danger, there are only permanent相扶Xiangxie warm hug and lasting happiness. If so, let me brew a pot and a pot of fragrant wine, so that everyone eager to drink, to drink to stay, not greedy desires not to jump, no person-to-person harm, no person-to-person plunder and abuse , no person-to-person deception and entrapment, no person-to-person conspiracy, calculation and war; Let all the world's evil disappear without a trace, let the earth all the non existence of hegemony and tyranny. And the US are only the United States, a total of happy co-existence and common prosperity of joy. If I gave my full heart to heal people and the breakdown of all the pain, suffering and eliminate all tortured to enable each individual to the warm days of happiness that the time thought drunk drunk live. If I can let out the life of brilliant flowers guitar sweet fruit in the world to complete, I Shuihonghong fresh.
     I know that the world does not exist because I have the slightest change, I can not because I know the people of the existence of the slightest impact, I know that people often selfish牵绊and I can not reach a consensus, a common desire of the people's hardship I listen wonderful language. Well, I never lonely only in their own lonely, drunk in their own daily Amoy thought the US dream, and write their own under the sun wanted to write books, room dare to do his own thing, and the gardens of friends drunk, in the field in the warm Wind total madness, such a big world, my heart big enough to learn everything all can be brought down, in his years as a perfect paper, a painting, a shallow notch. I Streamer, in the Amoy Yihujiu into a bowl of tea drunk a large round melon, love for a friend to share her taste. Warm days drunk love, life, sealed in their own dreams.

February 14, 2008

You miss him already Hanbiao
When the spring as the heart-chuen, Dingdong
Wondrous flow through the flower-decked time of the year.
Verdant hills, birds of the situation in exchanging intimate conversation
February 14, I Linglong condensation and the hearts of stars
THE FIRST in the glowing rays, to a brilliant red rose 10%
A one to tell you Rui, that the passage of the intoxicating fragrance
Valentine's Day, roses flooding the streets, whirling Huaying
I just blooming into one for you, the burning Acacia
Sit back and sunset, a Xinchuang, has been quietly opened for you
A bouquet of love sunshine, the shadow over all
Penetration into the window, reflected a golden logo
Warm colors into happiness
Mengmoujianxiao, no longer emaciated Emei
Gentle eyes, a thorough times each touch the petals
Rather, it extended the Red Path
Reclining gate is a woman, Wangchuanqiushui
From the sweet thoughts
Wanton open reverie wings
In the dim images,
Pianpian you feel the footsteps of happenings
Clear, it is getting closer
A white feather gently plunged
Qingdao title with the red beans, landed at the foot of my
Flower color, once again locked my lip
Warm heart to cover up all the voices
Flustered, I am only in your face
Indiscriminately, to a kiss, roses marks India
Greet your arrival
At this moment, in the moonlight, quietly flowing
Rose floral steamy heat
Red wine glass has been Zhenman, more and more concentrated the flavor of chocolate
Greeted the air with warmth of candlelight, romantic melodies warm
Man from all sides over, like spring rain tack in the south of Rainy Lane
Fixed gently ask each of the white root chord
A pair of Mouzi, through the eyes of another
The flame of mind in their glistening in the jumping泪光
At this time, if
Liangkexin can dependencies, support
Tonight, my name
Willing to form a Rose
Not only in your dreams bloom