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February 12, 2008

Tongue outReflections Wuzi Spring Festival


Today is the beginning of seven Wuzi. In the past few days flies tension, anxiety, busy.

16 provinces, autonomous regions, the South encountered snowstorm Dongyu, on the suffering of millions of people, millions of people stranded in the home during the holidays, the general secretary to the Prime Minister, we under-the common people are very worried. Tiantiankan television news reports, in order to knock down the road and sincerely happy. I and organs together with comrades, though unable to frontline disaster scene, but also enthusiastically contributed contributions love and make some personal modest means.

Sze said that the festive season times, the daughter of far in the United States, almost every day the last two days 23 telephone greetings. She University of Baltimore study postgraduate courses has been basically finished, his hurry back to the original impatient, and the election is the only work in Beijing. My wife and persuasion, or complete internships in the United States tasks well. Daughter accept our views. After a series of interviews and vote block in the Johns Hopkins University (Johns Hopkins University) to find work in temporary assistance. For enquiries about the Internet I, Johns Hopkins University is the centuries schools, colleges and universities in the United States in 2007 a comprehensive ranking of 16, the school has a total of 22 Nobel laureates, two are still in school teaching. Nana now looking for work, domestic, the United States is no exception, by the wife and I also assured.

Over the past year, in my mind into the long-term nostalgia and recollection. During the Spring Festival, are back to normal I Liuzhou home, and with the elderly. This is the mother left only 80-year-old father, and younger brother live. Here wife, mother-in-law from doing heart surgery three stents, the increasingly frail body, but also live Liuzhou. Wife and I should be back. Indeed old father, pull ourselves among ourselves, are repeated several decades ago. Brother said, every day he listens to a few times to know the end of the first, in the back down. I also had the same experience, but still made vice earnestly listen to the gesture. After all, the son back, old man very happy to chat-high, and these透着strong family ties Chun-Hou taste.

Chinese New Year is inseparable from eating. Small remember when, a few days ago, the people were busy doing a variety of things to eat. First, steamed rice cake, packets dumplings, grandmother, mother and aunt, and so been busily preparing, Cheyebumian; bombing is the Kourou, fried carp, fried cakes angle and the spread of (a snack Guangdong), the aroma and steamy heat, we Chan Yan to drop. After a busy, and finally Aodao the night on New Year's Eve, all poultry meat-table, a family sitting together, beginning with feasting and drinking and indulge. It was the early 1960s, when three-year period of economic difficulties. Although it is my home city dwellers, it is not usually the Ruchi. Suddenly able to open up to a Daiyudairou belly, it is a really cool! From the standard of living that is now Huoguohuohao the times in the past 20 years on New Year's Eve Nianfan my family are all hotels in the city built, it patterns and tastes, of course, do well than their grade on, but money will not be spend less. Now the hotel restaurant opened more, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for seats to the hotel to eat because of the New Year's Eve reunion Nianfan has become more and more families something as ordinary. This year the hotel is only Zaike increasingly vicious, the'000 table banquet, Caidie quantity and the case last year, but dishes of the "pocket" many, very thin, but also the other hand reflects the speed of currency devaluation.

I feel that the traditional Spring Festival to the people of a concentration in a difficult situation, in the brewing of a taste Chun-Hou. As a kind of cultural integration on the mood, the symbol of culture, a culture of shoulder function. The ancients lot of the poetry of the Spring Festival, people familiar with the Song Wang Anshi "Yuanri" Poetry: "the sound of firecrackers one-year-old addition, the warm spring breeze to send Su Tu. Pupil pupil of thousands of households, the total for the new Peach old Fu. "I also appreciate the Ming and Qing Ye Yong Kong Shangren's poems, which are:" Heaven and Earth weathered all, the course of events and weather; Tim new calendar years, the old-full of mountains and rivers. capacity satellite Liu Fang-mei, the old state-Huangyuan and more Tu Cheng Su drunk drink, laughter, Baiyun Waterloo. "," not Xiaoshu surplus His white hair, has spent detainees围炉Mian. shear candle driers Xiaoye wine, sex dumping capsule at times money. listen to burn firecrackers in the heart to see change Zhao Fu-old partial. Gulu Tim a plum blossom, Wugeng laughter Baidoa New Year. "I think all the good writing, expressing the joy of the Dragon send the old feelings.

In my childhood, during the Spring Festival, neighbourhood residents of each and every household Featured affixed to a red couplets on the door for increased holiday mood. My home, bought Red Canvas couplet I started writing my father to put up, I was that I was reading the writing, I am also lazy Then, it is ready to buy the outside. Couplets, also called "The Gate", "Spring paste," and "couplet", "pair", it has neat, Dual, simple, compact text painted background of the times, to express good wishes. With the acceleration of the pace of social life, many families now affixed to "throw the happiness", the oversimplified. Also, past visits with the children, Betty, and several Zoubule down day, the tired enough to choke. Now, send text messages, Betty, and I fads, compiled: "God of Wealth Qing-hand mouse, send her Lu:yin Fu Fu. See Xiangyun slowly, Lotus float your House. Amida Buddha, the best of luck-you-" mouse " ! Rat XXX auspicious wish you a happy family. "it is spontaneous, Hey, get an instant.

I think that people always long for a better life, good things always have great vitality, and the Spring Festival a family gather to recall memory of the past, and looks forward to an important form of a bright future, this is the Spring Festival after thousands of years for a long-lasting. Farming community past the slow pace of life, everyone is an interlocking chain of the social aspect of a social network or a fixed knot, easily find their place, and a sense of self-settled, but to Modern urban society, social increasingly fast pace of life, a person is turned into a vast crowd of sand in a hurry passenger, freight, a four broken roots and drifting duckweed, gradually lose self-control. I have sad, when we can set up between a traditional and modern bridge, linking the past and present?

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