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April 11, 2011

Daily routine is the same thing I do every day is a monotony, but even if they want to tell my story.

Almost every day my mom wakes me up at about 9:30 am but now that I'm starting to study at eight I have to lift a lot earlier than usual, which at first was m going to do a bit more difficult but I have to accustom..i know i will go very well..Smile

When i finish my breakfast i do my house chores i take a shower to be quiet.At lunchtime we sit and eat with the family until when i go to study,but that was before,as i said now i wake up early to study...

When night falls hope my dad to take a quiet dinner until they are at 10:00pm....From there to the same thing every day...!!!

If it seemed boring,do not worry that to be the last article I write for you.....just kidding i just hope they tell they think this article....

I hope to reutine whit other items.Take care kisses....!!!Laughing

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03:35 PM Apr 11 2011



i LIIKE!! jaja