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October 17, 2008

can we change our destiny ???Foot in mouth

yes we can ... just if we try to be the best of the best ....

each one in this planet faces problems and issue ... but that doesn't mean we become weak .... be sure that every problem you face it . it will make you stronger more and more ... until you become person without fear .. and you will face your issue with a stronger heart ,,,,

and believe me your destiny and mine will be agreat destiny if we try to change our life to the best life ...Smile

05:57 PM Oct 25 2008



Good topic..


Right ..we can chang ours

This topic ..remind me about somthings

i must rethinking and try it..

Thanks so much for raise up..


October 15, 2008

sometimes you need to get rest from this life .. and it is not just life we don't care if we die or not >> no we have to do something in this life every one will remember us after we die .. i don't want to live asimple life like everybody ?? i want to make differents in this life ... i want to make change in this world .. i want to make this world more peaceful for every one in this life ... i want every one in this world know who i am ??? i am not just aperson if i die no one will care ,, i want when i die everyone cry for me ... and not just me that who want to be known from all the world ..you and me and everyone in this world must have this feeling ... WE ARE GOING TO MAKE EVERY ONE IN THIS LIFE KNOW US ... BE SURE ..