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August 18, 2009



Girl from finland is here.

I would LOOVE to speak to you, so if you are a girl, boy, gay, straight, weirdo, blonde, bold, or Anything, you can speak !

How nice in that ! : D

WAITING, see ya soon (:

June 29, 2008

more clothes, new phone, more friends ( so add me ;))

Go to EF--language trip to Australia or USA,

Longer hair, perfect ass :D:DD, well no, i already have ;)

and lots of things....

03:44 AM Aug 03 2008


haha   so funny


11:48 AM Jun 30 2008

Dominique d'Anconia

If you only want them, you will never have. Don't forget it. You should be work on your wishes. By the way, since you have a nice ass ; may i see it ? Haha. I am joking Wink

October 15, 2007

Yeaa.i have just made my own blog in here,so I WANT FRIENDS!! okay,i dont have to shout : D

i want e-mail friends,girls and BOYS!! ; )

so i´m in love...well mayby...well,i like him,his cute and we have fun together..i will see if it happends something ;)

08:25 AM Oct 15 2007

Hasan ah

Hasan ah

hahahaha Laughing can i be ur online friend Tongue out .

 beleave me i am really good on replying message and i never stop .so please accept me as a friend .