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June 1, 2009

well,i feel exhausted now,cause i have been staying in the netbar for more than 7hours,i didnt sleep at all the whole night,what have i done?s h i t,guess nothing at all,i should have done something,i had not only wasted my time,but also harmed my body,i should think it over before i step in the gate of a netbar next time. i am kidd,rookie here,anybody knows me?anybody wanna know me?i am a common Chinese boy,in college,have nothing to do,you know ,college time is confusing,you always find so much lonely,so you wanna do sth to make life interesting,play cards,chase after a girl or stay in a netbar,after all,you cant sleep all the time i still remembre Andy's golden sentence"i guess it comes down to a simple choice,get busy living,or get busy dying. i should make my decision now,on my road,from today on.

08:14 AM Jun 02 2009

Fish Chen

Fish Chen

i had the same feeling when i was in the college.i think you can ues more time on your like.college is so free,you can do wahtever you like. Good luck

09:53 PM Jun 01 2009



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