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November 9, 2010
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Greetings Everyone!

This blog is written to introduce you to the culture and daily life of the United States.

Because the American society is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural one,  I will focus on the common items that transcend the many cultures and the experiences that Americans encounter in everyday life.  The society is very diverse, therefore, the blogs I write will not apply to every person, but in a general sense.  Hopefully enough information will be provided to help you imagine that "You Are There!"


05:37 AM Dec 14 2018

United States

The convictions of people who were once close to President Trump have been dominating the news. The President has threatened to shut down the government if Congress doesn't give him the money to build a wall on the US/Mexican border.

Most Americans are against allowing the government to shut down; stay tuned to what happens next.

08:40 AM Dec 07 2018

United States

Fatemeh, you're welcome.

06:02 PM Nov 30 2018


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes my professor. Thank you so much 🙏

08:54 AM Nov 29 2018

United States

Hello Fateheh, the results of the mid-term elections will not directly affect other countries but may affect other countries indirectly according to which legislation is passed that affects other countries.

09:35 AM Nov 27 2018


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hello Mr. Alston. Excuse me, Will the results of this election affect other countries?

07:40 AM Nov 26 2018

United States

The US mid-term elections were held and the Democratic Party now has a majority in the House of Representatives in Congress. This means the Republican Party will not be able to easily pass legislation without votes from the Democratic Party. 

2019 will be an interesting year in politics in the US, stay tuned.

06:25 PM Oct 05 2018

United States

The current most controversial issue in the U.S. is the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The main objection is that he is thought to be a conservative judge whom President Trump vowed to nominate conservative judges.

10:11 PM Aug 17 2018

United States

WobblyJoe, I want take this opportunity to thank you for contributing your knowledge on Presidential Executive Orders, and other insights that you provide.

The current behavior of this White House Administration will give plenty of opportunities to test our Constitution and political system.

Once again, thanks for your input as a native-speaking U.S. citizen.

01:27 AM Aug 16 2018


United States

Presidential Executive Orders have been used by every President except one (Harrison- who died within a month of taking office). Some have signed thousands of Presidential Executive Orders during their tenure. 

President Obama signed more than 275 Presidential Executive Orders including the "Deal with Iran", President Trump has signed over 80 Presidential Executive Orders so far. 

Other nations must understand that Presidential Executive Orders only bind the USA while that person is our president.  Only a Treaty which is voted on and ratified by the Senate is an actual agreement between the USA and other nations. No new President is bound by the former President, only the Senate can do that. 

There are two more years until our next Presidential election, so we are almost half way there. So far so good; if the USA survives this it will show the world that our Constitution really does govern our government, and not the strangely orange man who is running that government for us.

02:09 AM Aug 14 2018

United States

Fatemeh, you're welcome, and thanks for your feedback. I'll try to live up to your humbling compliment.

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