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June 23, 2007

master commander This is the linguistic-raw of willing people who want to learn english. I see but what shall we do if anyone still speak english. Is this really a place where i can improve my english knowledges. i doubt it but I can be taught of a better one. i am willing to. i can only say that it is a community with a abundance of people of diffent Identity, language and culture. And i am the opinion that is what we schould benefit. A dialouge is very essential for manifesting a language. And to a learn language without culture is a half underpin. So i can only offer my services. We should grow together in an initiating world of complexity. Why shouldn't we use such a platform to connect each other and to learn from each other. I am ready but what's up with you. Hope i can count on you!

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i like footbal, to swimm , and have fun with may friends

friends,red hot chili peppers

guns and rosis, rap, hip hop


almost all


rock, some pop artists, and the oldies

seen to much, snatch is very funny

: oh i like google, you find everything