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Shar Wartard

Shar Wartard

I wanted to add there long and boring lecture about my boring personality, but (luckily for you) I booked that torture for daredevils who will start ask about that. All you need to know is on your right (or left for people who for unknown reasons like to hang upside down in front of their computers). I know it looks a bit chaotic, but there's not enough columns to write it more clearly. Enjoy reading!

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Reading (mostly fantasy and sf stuff) drawing, painting, printmaking observing human behavior, disscusing, hiking, traveling, learning new things and languages, trying to play electric guitar with painful consequences - for community obviously, writing (very slowly, but I'm pretty sure it's worth to live that two hundred years and read my first book)

Tea, Suomi, mythologies, Scandinavia, languages (especially Finnish, German, Faroese), my Slavic roots, art, history, folklore, historical festivals, live music, reading books all night long, board games, open minds and their owners, beards... with owners matter is more complex there, forests, hurdy-gurdy, weirdness, good sense of humor, Dark side of the Force (and moon also), shooting orcs from homemade trebuchet, rain and thunderstorms, good movies, fire, children (especially when they're more than 50 metres from me), surrealism, chisel, having possibility to being alone when I wish to, night walks

Stupidity, stereotypes, fanaticism, boredom, inaction, helplessness, schematic books movies.. and schemas in general , getting 'how're you' messages from people who actually don't care about it, feigned modesty, forced meaningless compliments, doing graphic projects in the middle of night (what happens defienietly too often), good conversation which ends suddenly or changes into 'about everything and nothing' talking, my terrible shyness FRIEND REQUESTS FROM PEOPLE I'VE NEVER BEEN TALKING WITH

Deep Purple

Drinks? They're for damned bourgeois . Mug of beer, innkeeper!

Mostly variations with metal and folk sounds, also rock, classical music or anything else - depends on my mood. About favourite bands - their changing over time, but I guess any (music) storm can move away Pink Floyd from my first place.

Kevin Smiths movies and short animations by Tomasz Bagiński. Star Wars, Lord of the rings, Pulp Fiction, Dragonheart, Dances with wolves, Coffee and cigarettes, Cradle of fear (yes, everyone needs to see levitating guts from time to time)Rubber ...and some others.