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Hello! My friends call me Set you can also do :) i will be happy if you do. I am not here for meat but for friends :)

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January 27, 2012

First of all i need to tell you that i am definetly a Turkish as you can read on my profil page and i am one who cant see the difference between people. I also like chatting and one day i met one of my friend while chatting. He is called anarchotaurus. He was considering his self as a Gabonese with a smart reason. And his behaves gave me an ideo about a test.

The test was simple and appliable here. I'd consider my self from different countries, such as Turkey, African, Asian and North Europian.

I started to seek for people firstly i started to say i am from Turkey as what actually i am. I met 8 girls and wanted their msn adress, only 3 of them gave me the adress.

For the test i started to behave a little bit strange to all girls i've met here. I sent some erotic pictures and asking about some sexuel ideas bla bla. 3 girls striked me out :) Honestly i thought they were right about this behave because i overstepped.

I changed my nick name and started to say i am from Thailand. Many of people whose msn adress i wanted gave me their msn adresses easly.Honestly pople behaved me kind then i thought. But they were usually asking me about my country, shemales and some wierd things. It was ok, because they were  trying to break some stereotypes. I also sent some erotic pictures to these girls, they didnt care so much but when i wrote them second time, they didnt back to me. I tried 3-4 but no response :)

When i strated to say i am a Gabonese, i enjoyed a lot with people. They were asking about how i find internet, electric and questions like those. A few people still talk to me and they are saying i have good english compared them :) I dont know if i should blame them with this but i know many people didnt talked to me after learning i am an African.

If you are new at chat and you want to chat someone never mind how you seem, say you are from North Europe. Everyone behaves you well. I almost got all msn adresses. When i saw that being an Europian works very well, i found people whos msn adress i took and blocked me :) Even they welcome me when i sent some erotic picture and chatting spicy. I dont still want to belive but they also sent me such things. Honestly one of them sent me a great blog based on art porn :)

We have an old comic guy called Nasrettin Hoca. as he said; "Ye Kürküm ye" ( it has same meaning "fine feathers make fine birds")

Now i am thinking that maybe i must close this account, and create a new one which prove i am from Noth Europe :)

Thanks for reading


05:16 PM Jan 28 2012



wyz agf

Yes i agree about hardness of breaking stereotypes but there is nothing imposibble for us too :)


Honestly i dont know why i chose such a title for this post. Maybe i wanted people think about human equality. 

And i tried to explain more then racism. Maybe i chose a wrong way to tell what i actually think. I am talking about many people choose his/her partner according to his/her richness. Being an IPhone user and Non IPhone user shouldnt say how people we are :)  

03:03 PM Jan 27 2012

Marshall Islands

Though I do not enjoy chatroom for the reasons you perfectly state in your blog. Maybe I shouldn't bother to be exposed. You touch upon a very interesting subject. I wouldn't suggest a title such as "humanism test" for your experiment. It's rather an observation on the prestige of white race that of europe and america.

I totally agree with your observation but is that too different in a local context dear Set_? I mean imagine two turkish person trying to strike a conversation. Location comes as one of the first instruments of conversation-building and it is bound to create an ocean of prejudices. We wouldn't even go so far as to hear the location, we just make assumptions according to facial features and we cross other person off if we think s/he is from an underdeveloped region/city/cultural background. And we have understandable reasons to be so exclusive.

I remember a turkish girl rebuffing me with a message like "I'm sorry I didn't notice you were turkish so let's not write messages to each other" Many people are seeking a shortcut to better society through relationship, marriage etc... Increasing success stories in this scenario inspires newcomers and there you go... I think rooting for a settlement in northern europe or any other social welfare environment through an online english learning environment is a pathetic attempt to say the least, but they have every right to try their chance.

02:57 PM Jan 27 2012

Marshall Islands

You didn't need to expose dear anarchotaurus Embarassed

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