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February 10, 2012

rii touch 330

As a TA, it's my duty to cover the material laid out by the professor, and do so in such a way that prepares the undergraduates for their exams and lets them fully understand the material. When I was younger, teachers would actually write notes on transparencies on an overhead projector, using different colored markers to illustrate their point. Now, all of the lecture materials are presented in Power Point slides, but we still need to have hands-on interaction to really engage the students. My indispensable tools are my laptop, loftek mini bluetooth keyboard, and a lot of patience. 

As we go through the slides, I control everything from my mini wireless keyboard. More than just a remote control, with the Bluetooth keyboard in hand, I can control the slides as well as type in supplementary information that adds to the discussion, or enter other information that might be on-the-go, or questions raised by students. Also, the mini wireless keyboard has a built in mouse pad, so that entering information and navigating web sites when it becomes necessary are both easily accomplished. Another crucial device on this rii touch 330 keyboard for computer is the embedded laser pointer.  Slides can have different areas emphasized, and when I am referrer to non-computer materials, pointing is still easy. A regular remote simply doesn't come close to the functions on this Bluetooth keyboard. 

In the past, a teacher or lecturerˇs task was much more taxing on our bodies, as we were constantly craning our neck around and trying to look at the information on the board, and the result was less communication between us and the students. With the convenience enabled by this Bluetooth keyboard and other mini wireless keyboards,such as loftek rii touch N7.  We are really able to help the students thrive in the classroom and on exams. 

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