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I like rock music. DCW it's my favorite rock band.They're good write band. I like they very much. Who also like rock music I am happy with him (her) to do pen pal. Nice to me you

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July 24, 2012

A month's time I have the summer counseling,I feel very depressed= =

Feel the time is not enough... I want to play on the computer.

But by the time to attend classes.I'm really depressed ....

And I can't stand 3C the temptationYell


Schoolwork did not study....

May also have the students are so((Foot in mouth


Who can tell me how to study???

I really needed a way to.Inhibition of I


-----------------Fall in love---------------

I have a boyfriend.

But he always makes me jealous....

Oh ~ Every time I see him speak with the other girls....

I would be uncomfortable.

We have not announced it is in the class,so I am also not obvious that (I am jealous)

Are adapting to ..............


Do you want installed blind?((Tongue out



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搖滾樂、東城衛(DCW)的音樂 重金屬