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November 30, 2007

(remember that * means that the word is masculine and you use "el" (the or he), and º is femenine and you use "la" (the) or "ella" (she)) 


Ok then.. I'll continue with vocabulary

 First of all, people relationships.. Do you want to introduce someone from your family and don't know how?.......

Luckily for you, it's almost the same as in english!

you say in spanish:      El/ella es mi (relationship)

english translation:     He/she is my (relationship) 

For example, "Ella es mi hermana" means "She is my sister"


And of course, to introduce yourself, you say:

in spanish:  

                  Hola, soy (name), mucho gusto


                Hola, me llamo (name), mucho gusto 


english translation:


                   Hi/Hello, I'm (name), nice to meet you


               Hi/Hello, my name is (name), nice to meet you



If someone tells you that, you should reply by saying "yo me llamo (name), el gusto es mío" (especially if you're talking to someone of your opposite sex :P, if not, you can just say "yo me llamo (name)" unless it's a formal situation.. Oh and if they don't tell you "nice to meet you/mucho gusto", then just use the second option and ask something else hahaha)...

And if you wanna add something more about you, you can say "y soy..." (and I am... for example, SINGLE (soltero/a)) or "y vivo en..." (and I live in... for example, Chile :P.. Oh and to say "street" you say "calle" ;D)

So now that you now that.. here you have family members, friends and lots of more kinds of relationships!




ºMother - Mamá

*Father - Papá

*Brother - Hermano

ºSister - Hermana

*Siblings - Hermanos (don't forget the O if you have brothers and sisters or only brothers. It's both masculine and neutral.)

*Uncle - Tío (though the word "tío" is used in spain as you use "guy" in english. in Chile, you also call "tío" the father of a friend of yours when you're young (until you're 25-28) and "tía", the mother of a friend.)

ºAunt - Tía

*ºCousin - Primo (if it's a man) or Prima (if it's a woman)

*ºNephew - Sobrino (or Sobrina if it's a girl)

ºMother-in-law - Suegra

*Father-in-law - Suegro

ºDaughter-in-law - Nuera

*Son-in-law - Yerno

ºSister-in-law - Cuñada

*Brother-in-law - Cuñado




... (p.s: be certain to use the word "relación" (which means relationship) in plural only when extrictly neccessary, if  you're not really sure, just say "relación" and everyone will understand you.. cos "relaciones" might mean "sex" hahaha) 


ºCouple - Pareja 

*Married - Casados (if in plural), Casada (if you're talking about the wife) or Casado (if you're talking about the husband)

*Boyfriend / ºGirlfriend - Novio / Novia (here in Chile we also say pololo/polola.. And leave "novio" for formal relationships, like when they're about to marry..)

*ºFiancé - Prometido / Prometida (or Novio / Novia)

*Groom/ºBride - Novio/Novia

Do you want to be my boyfriend/girlfriend? - ¿Quieres ser mi novio/novia? (or here in Chile, "¿Quieres pololear conmigo?"

*Love - Amor. (The verb is "Amar" (to love)) 

I love you - Te amo

Break up - Terminar 

*Anniversary - Aniversario

ºDate - Cita

ºBlind date - Cita a ciegas

We're dating - Estamos saliendo (or here in Chile, "Estamos andando") 

I like him/her (As a woman/man :P) - (Él/ella) Me gusta





*ºFriend - Amigo/Amiga

*ºBest friend - Mejor amigo/amiga

I like him/her (in friendship) - (Él-ella) Me cae bien

I don't like him/her - (Él-ella) Me cae mal

To get on well (with sb) - Llevarse bien (con alguien)





Ok, let's say you want to meet someone who speaks spanish, or you just want to know where a certain street is. What would you say?.............................. Learn it here!


First of all, some basic vocabulary:

ºMusic - Música

*Sports - Deportes

*Work - Trabajar

*Study - Estudiar

ºLive - Vivir

ºHouse - Casa

*Flat - Apartamento

ºStreet - Calle

ºAvenue - Avenida

ºCity - Ciudad

*Country - País



Ok then.. Now we can say some phrases ;D.. (Remember, I'll teach you grammar later! but it's easier if you understand some vocabulary first :P)


Excuse me.. Do you know where "xx" avenue/street is?:

Disculpe.. ¿Usted sabe dónde está la avenida "xx"?


Excuse me.. Do you know this adress?

Disculpe.. ¿Usted conoce esta dirección? 


Where do you live?

¿Dónde vives?


Where's your house?

¿Dónde está tu casa? 


Where are you from?

¿De dónde eres? 


How old are you?

¿Qué edad tienes? 


What kind of music do you like?

¿Qué tipo de música te gusta? 


Do you like sports?

¿Te gustan los deportes?


Do you work or study?

¿Estudias o trabajas?


What do you work in?

¿En qué trabajas? 


What are you studying?

¿Qué estudias? / ¿Qué estás estudiando? 


What's your fauvorite food/colour/etc?

¿Cual es tu color/comida/etc favorito(a)?  (Remember that, for example, "color" is masculine, so you say "El color" and in this case, you use favorit-o, but "comida" is "La comida", so you use favorit-a)





PARTS OF A HOUSE and basic things you might need..


Let's say you need to find something at home.. But you don't know how to say it!


ºBedroom - Habitación

ºBathroom - Baño (or "cuarto de baño")

*Kitchen - Cocina

*Dining room - Comedor

ºLiving room - Sala de estar (In Chile we just say "*living") 

*Closet - Armario (In Chile we just say "*closet")

*Corridor -  Pasillo 

ºBed - Cama

*Furniture - Mueble

ºClothes - Ropa  (If you wanna know more about how clothes are called, tell me if you want to learn spanish or latin american (and in what part of latin america) spanish, because they have a different name.. for example, t-shirt here is "polera", in Argentina is "remera" and in Spain is "camiseta" probably..)

*Bedside table - Velador (buró in Mexico)/ ºmesa de noche

ºTable - Mesa 

*Toilet (not the bathroom but the specific thing that you sit on hahaha)- Wáter (informal xD), inodoro, ºtaza del baño 

*Public bathroom - Baño público

*Oven - Horno

*Microwave oven - Horno microondas (or just "microondas")

ºTowel - Toalla

*Toilet tissue -  Papel higiénico

*Tissue (the one you use to blow your nose) - Pañuelo

ºLamp - Lámpara

ºLight - Luz  (turn the lights on/off - prende/apaga la luz)

ºLightbulb - Bombilla / Ampolleta 

*Mirror - Espejo

*Telephone - Teléfono

ºWashing machine - Lavadora

* Cellphone - Celular / Teléfono móvil

*Money - Dinero

*Bill (for example, the gas bill or a restaurant bill) - Cuenta

*Paycheck - Sueldo

ºCoin - Moneda

ºTelevision - Televisión

*ºComputer - *Computador / ºComputadora (Here we use "computador", but in many places it's called "computadora".. don't know why ^^U) 

*Water - Agua

*Toothbrush - Cepillo de dientes

*Hairbrush - Cepillo de pelo 

*Comb (the noun!) - Peine (peineta) 

*Fridge - Refrigerador 

*Perfume - Perfume (:P that was easy.. but the pronunciation is different!.. After my exams I'll teach you some pronunciation haha, it's MUCH easier than english)





Ok I'm done with vocabulary for today! Any other words you want to learn? Fruits and vegetables maybe? Or should I just go on with Pronunciation and Grammar?



Okkk take care! I won't be writing until tuesday, because I have to STUUUDYYYY Cry...





10:02 AM May 11 2008

Saudi Arabia


 great effort

I think this plog will be best one I'll see .


apparently , the english language is simpler and clearer than the spanish ..

greetings from saudi arabia

02:11 PM Dec 02 2007



your blog is very helpful, thank you.

an' also
work haaard for yourself!

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