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January 10, 2008


It happened 24 of July.. I was in Vietnam to visit my´relatives.  I had been there for almost 3 month, when IT happen.

My Dearest Uncle.. He was Fun.. He was sweet.. and of all of my 9 uncles.. he was always the kindest one to me..

He is Married to my fathers sister..! My aunt.. They have 2 sons..  The oldest one is 25..  the young one is 20..

I always hated the old one.. Not hate.. But I didnt like him..! Because he was always such a ass.. always saying bad things..!

Then there is the young one..! He is so kind.. he is like his father.. But he is shy.. very shy..  But he is very close to my father.. maybe more than I am..

24 of July.. One week before I had to leave, my uncle invited me to dinner.. like a farewell dinner..

We all gatered at 18 pm.. me and 4 of my counsins.. incl. the sons..! We ate.. we laughed.. we had fun... then my Uncle told me, that if I ever needed anything he would be there for me.. always..! He felt sorry for my Brother and I.. because our father, never been there for us..!  He left us.. over and over again.! And then all of a sudden he could show up. But he was never there when we needed him. So my uncle said that his sons should feel lucky, because they had both parent Together.

hours later, my cousins and I decided to go out bowling,
me and the oldest son was the first one to go out..  The neighbour came by..! He was drunk.. and angry... and had a knife..  he grabbed my cousins shirt and yelled..  I was standing right behind him..! I was afraid. I hate violence. I was crying..
Then my uncle heard the noise and came out..! He didnt see the knife.. only that the neighbour was holding his sons shirt..! then he hit him in the head. ( It was Like a, what are u doing hit) Then he turned around and stabbed him 4 times in the chest..

at first he didnt feel anything.. then he saw the blood.. And then he looked at me.. It was like he was saying.. dont worry.. im fine..!  He took 2 steps.. and the next thing he was on the ground..  All my cousins came out.. and my aunt.. they were all screaming..!  and I was still standing there.. in shock, crying..!

They took him to the hospital..! and then my cousin drove me home, she said he was gonna be alright.! and it wasnt good for me to go to the hospital. I have always hated hospitals, needles and blood.! Thats why I dont watch ER.
I told them to call me when there was any news.!
I waited and waited..  And then I called, then the oldest son told me to come. Because he needed blood. so i was tested.. but i didnt match. He was sharing a room with other patients. All my 4 uncle,aunt and cousins who lived in Vietnam was there.. they were standing outside the window. looking at him. I was sitting in the corner, far far away. But I could hear Him scream. i could hear the pain.

I was sitting there all by myself. Then my favorite cousin came, and he drove me home, said that this wasnt a place for me.
I Was still crying..! i couldnt stop it. as if i knew something bad would happen.! He drove me home to my aunts, from my mothers side.!  That night, i couldnt sleep. I just sat there and the tears wouldnt stop coming. No sound only tears. I still waited for news..  at 1.20 am Vietnamese time.
My dearest Uncle Passed away.

I remembered what he told hís sons.. !  That they were lucky.. cause they still had to parents together. I kept seeing his face. the look he gave me..! He was NOT ALRIGHT.

The next day it was in the newspaper. The reason why he was killed, was because his oldest son owe the neighbour 200 dollars. So people was talking. and they all said that his son killed his father.
I too blamed him..  he gambled, and used money he didnt have.! And now looked what happen.! But then i thought to my self. My uncle died to protect his son. A Hero. A Dad.

At the funeral, I remembered why i didnt liked the oldest son. He was laughíng. talking loud. like it was a normal day. Not once did I see a tear on his face.

It's almost been 6 month.  I Still think about it sometimes.! 
Sometimes I'm wondering.. What if I had stopped him from going coming close..!  What If I told him about the knife.. What if.. There is so many of them.. What if what if what if..!

I never imagined that i would ever experience a thing like this.
I'm never going back to Vietnam Again.. 
When I told my friends about it in Vietnam, they all said..  it happens everyday.. everyday someone gets murdered..

So how should I react..?  Like it was a movie I saw?

I cant..  This is My Nightmare..


03:24 AM Feb 22 2008


United Kingdom

I think this highlights some of the big differences between life in developed and relatively safe countires, such as Denmark and the UK, and countries that are developing and where human life is relatively cheap.

It is a terrible thing that you had to witness this but at the same time you could not have been given a clearer indication of what life is really like in Vietnam for the people who have to live there.  Europeans and others forget how fortunate they really are to live in safety with a state that protects them and with people who generally care about each other and where lawbreaking is rare rather than a way of life. People expect to have rights to education and healthcare and for others to respect their rights without having to bribe officials or take the law into their own hands.

What happened was as a direct result of a loss of confidence in the state to handle a matter of debt that leads a man to become drunk and physically threaten another with a weapon taking the law into his own hands in a society on the brink of anarchy.

03:39 PM Jan 23 2008



Is this true? The poor girl

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