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November 25, 2008

1)Which character impresses you most?
The one who impressed me a lot is a featureless supporting actor, he was very old with a funny weird accent. He is Kumar Pallana! Maybe there are a large audience forgot, or even had no notice of him. Kumar was the Indian janitor working at the airport, have you ever impressed by him once? Yes, I did have been impressed three times.
To be frank, the first time he impressed me was his Indian accent. It was kind of funny that I could not help myself from giggle.
The second time was his kindness. He encouraged Viktor to invite Amelia to “Bit to eat” and tried being a ‘clown’ when they were having a dinner.
The third one was his bravery. Because of helping his friend, Viktor, he was willing to get a risk of being caught and sent back to India which meant he was not afraid of some legal sanctions. His generous act inspired me as well.
If you were observant, I think you would be impressed at least once and knew that Kumar was kind-hearted, supportive and together with a great humor.

2) Which scenes are most unforgettable to you?
Undoubtedly, the most unforgettable scene was Viktor could finally leave the airport.
It cheered everyone up whether the artists or audience. When everyone heard of this news, they were all joyful as Viktor did. Then everyone from everywhere in the airport followed Viktor from the evaluator to the gate of the airport. I was joyful at that moment, thought that Viktor’s luck was coming. It was a part which involved in many artists and it was not easy to be joyful together, it is one of the reasons.
More details, even the war in Krakozhia was over, but Dixon would still not allow Viktor to enter the United States. However, Mulroy, a friend of Viktor himself stood in front of Viktor and let him did. From the eyes of two of them, what could be seen inside was just friendship. It was so memorable!
Those scenes were most unforgettable to me.

3) What do you learn from the movie?

From The Terminal, what did people see and learn? I propose there are something we have gained. To me, there are three lessons I can least to learn.
Based on the tagline of the movie -- “life is waiting”, I have some opinions. There are many people keep waiting forever and ever in the world, such non-sense waiting as being rich in gambling, some even worse, they may not know what they are waiting for. In fact, I think they are actually wasting their time and losing themselves. I think we can’t just wait without doing something positively. On the contrary, I prefer what Viktor did when he was forced to live in the airport. He would read some books in the bookstores, watch TV news to learn English and “chase” Amelia during nine-month waiting. So he didn’t waste his time. It will be marvelous to set him as a model.
Being honest is always the best way to approach your wants or need. Give Viktor as an example again, he struggled to leave when Frank Dixon gave him a chance, but he refused to do. Then he tried and tried to leave in a right way and lastly, he properly did.
The last lesson is keeping promises, which is not that easy. Nowadays, human is weakly in keeping promises all the times. The most popular excuse is “forget to keep it” even they know it is unacceptable in sensible. For example, if your friend date you at 10a.m., will you be punctual? Maybe it’s not difficult to do. So how about if you were Viktor, would you have still kept promise in any untoward circumstances? If not, we should not make promises easily as well fewer promises will be broken.
To sum up, treasuring, honesty and keeping promises were gained from this movie and those three are worth to learn as advices for myself.

4)Imagine you were in the Oscar Awards judging panel in 2005. Which two of the following awards would you nominate this movie for?

If I were the Oscar Awards judging panel in 2005, which parts were well done, which two I would nominate for this movie?
Not only were the judges of Academy Award and Golden Globe Award impressed by him, but also me. He is Tom Hanks, as Viktor in this movie, the only one who can always stand out in all and get the Best Actor in a Leading Role.
Choosing him to be the best actor, is because of his hard working and enthusiasm in acting. For instance, he was so fluently in speaking Bulgarian when he had a conversation with a man. It is hardly to learn a new language, but Tom still did. Moreover, the film director, Steven Spielberg, said, Tom could think of some fabulous ideas, just like he might slip on the floor to attract people for fun, etc. I can find that he totally threw himself on acting as he enjoys.
The second point is because of his professional acting skills. He is not a freshman as others. He could show you how frustrated, joyful and exhausted he was through his body language in any possible ways. I can still strongly remember that his tear, his disappointment when he was rejected to go New York legally by Frank Dixon for a numerous times. As well, Tom showed his nervous on his unnatural face and through his shivering hands.
Another one would be nominated for the Best Art Direction, Alex. It was a large scale to build airport as magnificent as Niagara Fall. Also, it was a time problem, because the team had to finished in a just a fewer months only, but from designing the graph to be finished, they just spent fewer than 300 days, what’s awesome legend! To build the airport, there were over 200 workers involved in and those things they built were all amazing and realistic.
There was real food, ice cream and coffee. The escalators were purchased from a department store. Each of the shops featured in the airport was actually sponsored by the real company. Many stores were seen and Viktor found a job at Brookston and the Discovery Channel store. A woman as a sale in a shop surprised, “how could they do? I just feel I am in a real airport!” According to her and the video of preparing, I dare to give Alex as the best art direction.

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