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August 22, 2019

Just like a student at school studies and prepares hard every day to approve the test to obtain a high level of knowledge in order to apply for the high university level, so is our stage on this world for mankind. We must afford many tests to achieve a high superior level, but we need the knowledge too, we need to be prepared or it would be easy to fail.

In this life, we all have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and approve periodically the tests in order to obtain the professional skills to approve the admission test that’d gives us the opportunity to access in a high level dimension, where only can access those human beings who achieved a higher status through knowledge applied as experience in their lives far from perfection, but could raise a higher spiritual level trough a superior human quality learned in pain and in tests. No one like tests but they are necessary to learn. 

We have been allowed to feel hatred resentment envy greed, lust and all kind of miseries for our own improve, because during the tests we can get all negative feelings, we have the choice to accept them and live in a hell like animals, or refuse and then raise us step by step until achieve the harmony, the perfection, the peace and the happiness.

Throughout our lives, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and elder, we have a time deadline, we live day after day. The way we correlate with fellows leaves a good or bad example. Others could remember our good or bad deeds during our life. We can hurt through evilness, corrupt and cause damage in mankind or we can promote intellectual, spiritual, physical heal in the people around us and this will high or low our level.Let’s take in consideration that in this life, there is a duality, is easy to see the day, the night, the sun, the moon, the good and the evil. The universe is perfect balanced, if the sun could approach few centimeters to the earth, it would burn, and if the sun could move away, it would freeze, I mean, everything is in perfect order, so, when we do something bad against someone else, the evil will return; and this is not because God likes to see humans suffer, it is not because He is bad and placed in punish mankind…, many times negative acts returns as consequences, it sometimes returns in equal measure but sometimes the impact could increase; sometimes it may takes a year, or more or less to return, but sometimes it could be immediately. We can take for sure that good or evil will always return.The benefit when deed is good, will become profitable: every good deed every good saying, good wish, good thought or every good heart intention, will diminish the our internal evil until it become so weak as the rigth will be the path for us. On the other hand, the bad negative deeds only can dirty the human spirit. We can make the comparation such as the cancer, it grows and grows and at the end kills, so is the same in the spirit. The evilness clouds our vision. A person with dead spirit is not able to distinguishes the good from the evil, and it is easy to think that the horrors of evilness is the right path. They can not feel compassion. The opposite of mercy and goodness is cruelty and evilness, and it takes low and low until creep. “The evilness is the absence of God in our lives”. Then, this is a true reality proved by the “mirror of life”, as we can see our reflection on the opposite side of a mirror; so, the same happens in our own deeds, thoughts and desires. Many people are talking about those unseen forces: the law of attraction, the law of retribution, the boomerang effect, the karma.., called in different ways, different cultures, but the meaning is the same: The fact is there is a force which returns when an effort is applied, based on the balance of universality. I kindly invite you to study the planets they rotate in perfect orbits. Let’s study the universe perfection, the perfection in human body, and realize the perfect balance created in ourselves. Everything is in perfect balance. So, take for sure that everything will return.

Deny the existence of unseen laws and the universal balance, would be just like denying the love, hate, the wind. We know they exist, but our eyes are not able to see them. It’d be smart to be careful of what we do, what we think, what we wish, because it could high or sink our spirit. It’d be smart to learn from the tests in life and do not damn people or God. This is a good way to improve for approve the final exam. Finally, we can behave as we want, we have free will, but our decision will be in our own benefit or in our decrement.

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