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Otonashi Saya

Otonashi Saya

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May 9, 2009

If I were a bird , I would fly .. I would fly everywhere , I would know no limitations , I would spread my wings as wide as I can , I would look at the earthy creatures as completely different from me , I would sing every time  , I would never land , every place would be my home ......


If I were the sun , I would light the whole world , I would make the moon happier  , I would warm every cold place  , I would light every dark corner ,  I would send my beams to those who need them , I would never betray those who love me


If  I were the moon ,  I would share the sad their sadness , I would ask the sun for some light , I would befriend the sun , I would talk to the stars , I would make every night more beautiful than its former , I would always be a full moon to support those who walk alone at night ...


If I were a star , I would fall in love with the moon , I would sing for her the most romantic songs , I would shine and shine until earthy creatures can see me , I would never be  satisfied with only being near the moon , I would inspire the moon with what she needs ...

If I were a pen , I would write all the beautiful words , I would never write mean things , I would inspire each writer with splendid ideas , I would help students while examining , I would understand my owner once he holds me   ...

  ............... If I were a human , I would


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