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7 years. If Ebaby had a badge system I'd definitely be awarded as 'veteran'. Miss all the people I spend my time with in here because we kinda grew up together. So ebaby please make a phone app so that i can keep up with old friends thank you.

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December 21, 2011

Hey guys!

So it's been probably almost 2 years that I had abandoned my ebaby account. I had problems with stable connections as well as I was too busy studying A level at that time. Here's a quick update. After studying A-level I was supposed to study in UK but since I didn't quite achieve the requirement done by my sponsor, I was only allowed to study medicine in a local (but private) university. Unfortunately now I am even busier with my study so I rarely using ebaby compared to my life 4 years ago.

I would like to thank Ebaby for helping me in improving my english especially my writing. I don't know if it's still happening now (for fellow new users), but in 2007 which is 4 years ago, everybody (that knows this site existed) was 'hooked' with Ebaby. This site, other than providing us with the lessons, allows us to make friends from around the world and exchange ideas using english language. Plus, it's free!! I know that they have the membership or 'go pro' stuff, but I think the free version is actually quite good enough for us to improve our english, and the secret here is that you improve everytime you practice.

I remembered that I was so stressed out for having Vitiligo and tried to write my thoughts in a forum for vitiligoers (which now I called Viters). My writing was average at school, but I didn't realise that I had problems to 'speak my mind'. I cannot even start a complete sentence at that time because I was having tons of grammatical error although my knowledge in vocabulary was still acceptable. The first time I came across with this site was when I had accidentally clicked on an ads while googling for online english dictionary.Ebaby was my saviour at that time.

If you still think that your level of english is still the same, remember that patience is the key. When I started making friends with people in here, and started writing messages and comments to them, I was using a dictionary all the time, words by words. I struggled a lot when writing but from week to week I realised that I wasn't using the dictionary as often as before. And also,the express way of improving english is by participating in the forum. (You should thank me for telling you this important secret though :p) You can go for some simple forum posts, no need to reply for the 'religion section' IF your level of english is still poor. Just have fun with it!! From there you will learn how to write in english casually, and not as what you write as during exams. My other secret that I can share is that you should read other people's comments A LOT, like in Youtube or in other forums, because that way you will learn how the native english write comments and how they speak in real life. Because we, the non-english speakers will tend to write things in formal as we are not used to it. My teacher once said that the best way to be good in english is to think in english. Speak english to yourself when you brush your teeth, or while you are eating. It helps you a lot to get used to the language.

There. I have revealed all the secrets of how to improve your english, especially writing. But we're missing one single component here- the passion. You must have the passion to improve, or to be exact, the passion to learn english. Without it you won't have the patience at all, and everything that I just said cannot be possibly done.

Now, combine with passion, perseverance, patience, and practice (the 4P's),you can now leave ebaby and join other site since your english is pretty good now to impress the ladies :p Kidding!

After you are done and probably become better in writing, the next step that you can do is to improve speaking. I am, now, improving myself in this part. I rarely practice speaking so my level is just average. I have to have the 'mood' to speak english or otherwise I couldn't speak at all. So I guess 'improving' in any skills is actually a never ending journey that we must go on in our life.

Again, thank you ebaby for helping me. I was blessed for also having such a supportive friends in here that makes us all become addictive to this site the first year we were here. If you read my very first blog post compared to this one, you will realised how much I had improved throughout the years. I am rarely Ebabying now but I will try my best to help you if you really want to learn english.

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thank you and good luck to all of you english learners!

"sorry if there's some grammatical errors in my writing, hope you guys can correct it" 

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