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How to design a functional handmade kitchen that is always tidy When designing a kitchen, handmade kitchen builders in Surrey at https://acekitchen.co.uk/ say the main issue is not just aesthetics or design. It's about choosing materials and organising the space in such a way that this room of the house is easy to clean and keep tidy. Which elements create clutter and are difficult to arrange? Which materials are more challenging than others? After all, one more wipe with a sponge means investing more of our precious time every day, so make sure you choose wisely! There are many aspects to pay attention to. While special, elaborate details or new materials may intrigue you, they do not always make it easy to have a shiny, tidy kitchen. Worktops, handles and doors must be chosen carefully, just as the organisation of space must be well thought out. Here are some tips and tricks to help you choose well and work less! Especially when the kitchen is an open space that overlooks the living area, it is essential to design it in such a way that it is always tidy or can be quickly made so. It's not nice to walk into a house and see a messy, dirty kitchen because the whole atmosphere of the house suffers. Here are our tips for fighting clutter for good. Organise spaces well The first thing to do, therefore, is to think carefully about the spaces and mentally divide the kitchen into zones. So we will have the table and chairs area, used for meals, the food preparation area, where all the manual activities will take place (including kneading, frying and therefore inevitably... getting dirty!), the pantry area, where we will store food and utensils. Each area will have a different type of potential mess and therefore different needs: the pantry should be closed so that jars, boxes and appliances cannot be seen, while the preparation area should be equipped in such a way that it can be quickly cleaned and dirtied. Keeping things tidy inside and out Dividing the space inside the cupboards well helps you to find what you are looking for immediately and also helps to keep everything tidy outside. When planning, it is a good idea to ask yourself how much space you will need, what you will need to store and, above all, not to limit the number of closed doors, because they will allow you to store anything you had not planned to buy as useful kitchen equipment. Opting for large drawers A good solution is also offered by large drawers that can be equipped and divided internally. The drawers can be opened and closed quickly, and thanks to the internal dividers, items do not move when opening or closing them. Everything is within easy reach and at a glance you can see what's in the drawer, and the drawers are quick to clean. Create a pantry area When you have enough space, it is a good idea to cut out a mini room - where you can put even the bulkiest appliances such as a mixer, blender, toaster, etc. - with a door. - When you have enough space, it is a good idea to cut out a mini room - where you can put even the bulkiest appliances such as the mixer, blender, toaster, etc. - with a door, so that you can close it and hide food, utensils and various equipment from view. This avoids all the clutter that could be created in the cupboards, worktop and shelves. Keep the shelves clear The more items we put on the shelves, the more items we will have to wash to remove dust and grease. Therefore, a rule to bear in mind if we want a tidy and clean kitchen is to have worktops and shelves as free as possible from utensils and knick-knacks. The only exception to this rule is a few objects that can be put in the dishwasher and removed clean and ready to be displayed again. Some surfaces are even more attractive if we place a few objects on them, so as to enhance the space and perhaps the material itself, rather than the ornaments!