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Hi everyone!! I'm Rafa! :D I'm from Brazil and I want to improve my English.. So, If someone wants to help me... I wanna be your friend!!! :D oohh but.. just one thing.. if you won't talk to me.. do not add me!!!! thanks ;)

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February 9, 2009

Accpet anything that makes us forget about our real identity and our dreams, and makes us work only to produce and reproduce;

Accept that it’s possible to have rules for a war;

Spend years at the university for not getting a job after you finish it;

Work from 9AM to 5PM in something that doesn’t make you happy, as long as in 30 years you can retire;

Retire, find out you don’t have more energy to enjoy your life, and die after a few years, of boredom;

Use botox;

Try to be financially well-succeed, instead of looking for happiness;

Make fun of those people who look for happiness instead of Money, calling them “people with no ambition”;

Compare objects like cars, houses, clothes, and define life based on those comparasions, instead of trying to know the true reason for being alive;

Don't talk with strangers;

Always think that parents are right;

Get married, have children, and stay together even if the love is gone, alleging that it’s all for the good of the kids (like if they are not witnessing the constant fights);

Criticize everybody who tries to be different;

Wake up everyday with a hysterical alarm next to your bed;

Believe in absolutely everything that is printed;

Wear a colorful piece of cloth on your neck, with no apparent usefulness, called tie;

Keep a smile on your face even when all you want is crying, and feel piety for those who show their own feelings;

Think that art is worth a fortune, or absolutely nothing;

Follow fashion even if everything looks ridiculous and uncomfortable;

Use all the possible ways to show that, although you are a normal person, you’re  infinitely better than all other human beings;

When you get inside of an elevator, keep your body turned to the exit, and pretend you’re the only person inside of it, even if it is packed with people;

You can never laugh loud in a restaurant, it doesn’t matter how good or funny is the story;

On southern hemisphere, fill the Christmas tree with cotton, although winter has nothing to do with Christ’s birth;

As the time goes by and you get older, think that you’re the owner of all the wisdom in the world, although you haven’t lived enough to know what’s wrong and what’s right;

Believe that others are always better in everything: they’re prettier, more capable, richer, smarter. It’s too dangerous to take a risk beyond your own limits, it’s better not to do anything;

Say inappropriate words on traffic;

Marry the first person who offers you social status. Love can wait;

Always say “I tried”, even you have not tried anything;

Avoid depression with dailies and massive doses of TV programs;

Believe that women don’t like soccer and men don’t like decoration;

Blame the government for all bad things that happen;

Be convinced that being a good, decent, respectable person means that others will think you are weak, vulnerable and easy to manipulate;

Be equally convinced that aggression and discourtesy are synonymous with a powerful personality;

And finally: think that your religion is the only owner of the absolute truth, and all the human beings on this immense planet who believe in any other expression of God are going to burn in the hell.


10:00 PM Apr 13 2009



Hey..what you said is exactly what I meant when I said it was only sarcasm that was intended.[:P]

 and about the uprising of new religion[:P] the world is mad..any one can get their brain washed...well allthat the crowd needs is a voice it can follow :D

U c that the Taliban is nothing but a bunch of barbarians who r just instigated by Fanatics in the name of religion..it can happen in any part of society

tada...No Offense..[:)]

10:14 AM Apr 13 2009



Nagendra: hmm.. maybe you didn't get what all that means ^^ you're not supposed to follow those rules! you should do exactly the opposite! But most people act just like that, doing all those things, just to be admitted, that's how the society we live expects us to be! That's the deffiniton most people have of a "normal person"

Nobody is gonna turn that into a religion! it would be stupid don't you think? hehehe

09:39 AM Apr 13 2009



ahh!! I hope people reading this blog dont make a new religion out of it :P....Its like the prinicples of a person who needs disciples to spread it throught the world....No offense, only sarcasm intended

06:04 AM Feb 12 2009

Monique Fernandes

Wow... cool blog xD

So I see I'm anormal ;) I rarely follow some rules there... the one about the alarm clock i follow xD and it's even the mobile... not really an alarm clock!!

I think the most important thing in our lives is to follow our DREAMS... not RULES! ^^

08:44 AM Feb 10 2009



Rafaaaaaa,,this is all so cool :D,,,I agree with all what u wrote down here,,most people are like "sheep" walking in 1 direction without knowing what they are doing or why they are doing it!!!

Good to know there are still people with a brain inside the head instead of sawdust hehehe

06:47 PM Feb 09 2009


hi my name is david me messenger is edioacosta@hotmail.com add me plzz i hope u byeeeee 18 years old


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