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April 11, 2009

I always envy those who had got great benefit from lottery, and I always dream I can also got big award like them, but I know it is just a tiny chance for me, maybe, for everybody.......

I have insist on buying lottery every week, but I don't spend too much money on it, just 5 or 10 Yuan, even if I don't have good luck, I won't get any actually harm for myself. In fact,  I rarely got any benefit from it, the most is 10 yuan, So I always feel I am not good luck in it, or god don't want me to got it......

We had talked about some tiny probability things arround us on midday, Suddenly I found it's not the god is unfair, he had give everybody the chance to get 500W from lottery, but how to use the chance lies on yourself,god is fair......

I had remembered one tiny probability thing happened on myself,it is in my university life......

It is happen on June 2004, why do I clearly remember the date? It is the last month of my university.:).....

The mobile phone was still not popular in that  period, we just use phone card for calling, but I will leave the school few days later, and there was still some money in my card, I must use all over of them, how to use? hah, we thought we can use annoy calling for girl schoolmates......

It is obviously that we can't annoy our classmates, so I guessed a telephone No. according to the phone No. of my girl classmates.......

I thought I must create a girl name for the annoy calling. At that time, there just two people in the room, another people's first name is"Zhou", so the first name of my annoy girl is confirmed. What is the Last name? Suddenly I thought of one of my friends in junior school, his first name is "Wen", but his signature is always "Wenwen", it is just like a last name of girl. And then, my annoy girl's name is confirmed "Wenwen Zhou"......

When the calling is switched on from the girl's room, I speaked  "hello, May I speak to Wenwen Zhou?" as a gentleman, We thought the answer must be"sorry, there were not a girl named this in the room, you must dialed a wrong No." But to our unexpected, A sweet sound appeared in another side of tel "Sorry, she is out now, you can call her mobile phone if it is urgent." Oh my god, My friend and me are languishment at that time, it is unbelievable, what is the tiny probablility we had met with......

Today, when I thought of this, I found it's also a chance to get 500W from lottery, but I just used it on annoy calling, If not, maybe I am a millionaire now......

God is fair, every one have a chance to get 500W from lottery, how to use it just according to yourself.......

09:32 AM Apr 30 2009



Getting 500W is not necessarily a good thing.AS you said,it is important that how you can use it ,it's the focus of the problem.Someone will form inertia because of so many money,money will corrupt your mind if you use in improper way.And like you said ,the god is fair ,in terms of the probability , chance of getting 500w is average .For me ,i have never bought lottery,and even if i do it,i know the hope is small.For me ,the most importance is finding a job,and learn more and more from the work and life!

A addition,i worship so much ,you can write so many words for your blog,i have no patience to do that!

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