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April 26, 2008

              A Play about Tom 
Mrs. Smith
Moly’s Mother
A six years old girl  JohnMrs. Smith’s neighbor  
A farmer in the state of Song
A stump in Tom’s field  
A hare which is picked by Tom  
Tom’s town mate who works very hard   

SCENE: Mrs. Smith and her daughter Moly are having a walk, they meet John by chance.


Mrs. Smith: Hi, John, what’s wrong with you? You look depressed.


John: Don’t mention it. You know, since I got 4,000 Yuan from my first lottery, I buy it every day. But, I don’t know what’s going on? You know what happened? I’ve never succeeded again! Because of the lottery, I even quitted my job and spared all my energy. Now, I have no buck at all. Could you please lend me some? I believe I will win this time.


Mrs. Smith: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, but please don’t count on that, I will not lend you money except you begin to work. You must understand, what you did is just like waiting for a hare at the tree stump.


John: (Firmly) I know, but it will be different! I’m sure I will win this time. I can feel that. If you don’t lend it to me, I’ll turn to someone else. (Angry and Exit)


Moly: Mum, waiting for a hare at the tree stump? What does it mean?


Mrs. Smith: Well, that is a fable. I’ll tell you.

                  ACT TWO

SCENE: In the Song State, Tom is tilling his field, while the sun is roasting the land; there is a stump in his field.


Tom: (Complaining) how it can get so hot. I cannot bear it. (Sighing) well, now I know that each grain needs hard work. My life is so bitter. How wonderful if I can get food without any effort.

                         (Zoe ENTERS)   
Zoe: (Joyful) Wow, what a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the air is fresh and the birds are singing! I should have a walk outside and get some food. ( Jumping and singing ) 
Tom: I feel very tired. I’d better have a rest. (Sitting in his field, behind an apple tree, drinking water.) 
Zoe: (Singing and finding food) There must be fruits and vegetables in the field and I can bring some back to my home. (Walking toward the field) Oh, greatful! There still have some poor vegetables, but enough for me. (Looking around) there is nobody now, I should be hurry. 
Tom: I must go on my work. (Stand up and turn round) 
Zoe: (Scared) Oh, no, there is a man, he might see me and kill me. (Running at once. Keeping her eyes on Tom) 
Shally: God! Hey, hey, guy, look out! What are you doing? You’re gonna dash against me!  (Zoe is too feared to hear what Shally said, keeps on running. Then dashes into Shally) 
Shally: Hey, are you OK? 
Zoe: (Groaning) H-e-l—p me p-le-ase! I got i-njured, I-I—am— bl-o-o—ding! 
Shally: I’m so sorry. You hurt so serious, I can do nothing! 
Tom: (Hearing a big noise, running there, happy) God is kind, give me a big fat rabbit, and there must be other rabbits dashing into you. From now on, I needn’t to work hard, just waiting for hare beside you. 
Shelly: you couldn’t be so lucky next time! Don’t count on that! 
Tom: (Laughing) I believe I will, wait and see!                            
                  ACT THREE
SCENE: Beside the stump, a few days later. Tom is sitting there and eating some bread while chatting with Shally.      
Tom: where is rabbit, come here! 
Shally: Go and do your work, there will not be another rabbit. 
Tom: Don’t bother me! Keep quite and wait! (Sue ENTERS) 
Sue: (with a hoe) hi, what are you doing here? 
Tom: I’m waiting for a hare dashing in this stump. 
Sue: Are you kidding? How a rabbit can comes? 
Tom: (Firmly) Sure it will, I’ve got one. 
Sue: That must be luck, you should work hard to get food but not through this way. 
Tom: (Angry) it’s none of your business. I prefer to wait here rather than work. Leave me alone! 
Shally: Don’t be so lazy, you will get nothing by waiting here. Go and pay attention to your field. 
Tom: (Very angry) who do you think you are? God or my parents? Enough! I know what I am doing, and I always believe that there must be some rabbits.  
(A few months later) 
Tom: (Singing) Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit come here. One rabbit, two rabbits, three, four…all come here. Delicious dishes and I don’t have to work. I can get a happy life! 
Sue: Crazy man, you are still waiting here, look, your land is full of weeds and your fruit trees are all dead for the dry climate and insects. There is no fruit left in the trees.
Tom: (Ignoring) I don’t need that, don’t worry, I can get rabbits. Leave me alone! I will get well. 
Sue: How foolish! (Mocking)                                
                        ACT FOUR 
SCENE: Mrs. Smith and her daughter Moly are sitting on a bench of the park
 Moly: What a foolish man, how can be a man do such silly thing? 
Mrs. Smith: Yes, from this fable you can say the farmer was silly, but actually, there are a lot of similar things in our daily life. However, we may not realize it, Just like uncle John, he only want to get money by luck instead of work hard. 
Moly: Mum, you mean what uncle John did is just like the farmer? 
Mrs. Smith: Yes, so dear, remember: No pains, no gains. To be diligent in your life. 
Moly: I’ll remember it, Mum, and I will work hard for what I want.   

01:24 PM May 28 2008

Viet Nam

thank you for commenting on my blog. you are so kind. Best wishes for you

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