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Kevin Pang

Kevin Pang

World is full of beauty. Can you identify them all. Life is full of the exciting. Can you experience them well.

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February 12, 2007

It is personally believe that people act according to two ways, namely ration and emotion. Rationally, people behave through the facts; emotionally, through the feelings. Which one is better is hard to say. That depends.

For the former, one performs, for instant, his errands with deep consideration. We know dealing with high
intelligent creature is a tough job. One is required, in come case, to go any great length justifying himself. Here lies the hardship: his boss oversees him; colleagues compete with him; subordinates stab him in the back. Arming with all alert, he put the blocks one by one fearing that one block goes wrong would ruin the entire building. In selection of lover, he match his Mrs. Right not only to himself, but to his families, social status, business circle, even anything close related to him as well. It is that component making
up most thinking creature push them climb up one higher level after another; thus the evolving world. He occasionally feels tired because he has heavier burden with his increasing possession, but he never understand the others who live the different life and act unreasonable, at least to his mind, namely, the emotional.

Being different to the rational, the emotional conduct their list by sense mostly. Their logics are composed by some programs which are not practical for business application. Economic theory can not run very well in their brain for what they care the most are how they themselves and the others feel. Feelings take the priority. Armor-set becomes too heavy to equip in the so-called result-driven, people-oriented, work-under-high-pressure and team-spirit battlefield. Sometimes they lead a poor life in a competitive intensive environment but sometimes they live more freely and happily with less worrying. Acting on impulse, they may, at times, do something unreasonable---something may not be understood by the practical application logic, but in their mind, that is accountable. They love bravely regardless of some traditional thought and one-by-one matching. They may be despised by some modern snobbery but at least they obtain the most enviable thing---the freedom

Every coin has its head and tail. No one knows which side is heavier even the designer after delivering his
satisfactory work. It is the two sides that make up a coin; it is the differences that make up our world.


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