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Al Zajil

Al Zajil

Nothing important,Remember, true sadness was inevitable, but always remember when the door closes in your face, there is another door opens<< Never Give Up>>

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August 10, 2008

Some of the Best Moments in Life

* To fall in love.

* To laugh until it hurts your stomach.

* To find mails by the thousands when you return from a vacation.

* To go for a vacation to some pretty place.

* To listen to your favorite song in the radio.

* To go to bed and to listen while it rains outside.

* To leave the shower and find that the towel is warm.

* To clear your last exam.

* To receive a call from someone, you don‎t see a lot, but you want to.

* To find money in a pant that you haven't used since last year .

* To laugh at yourself looking at mirror, making faces.

* Calls at midnight that last for hours.

* To laugh without a reason.

* To accidentally hear somebody say something good about you.

* To wake up and realize it is still possible to sleep for a couple of hours.

* To hear a song that makes you remember a special person.

* To be part of a team.

* To watch the sunset from the hill top.

* To make new friends.

* To pass time with your best friends.

* To see people that you like, feeling happy.

* To use a sweater of the person that you like and find that it still smells of their perfume.

* See an old friend again and to feel that the things have not changed.

* To take an evening walk along the beach.

* To have somebody tell you that he/she loves you.

* To laugh .......laugh........and laugh ...... remembering stupid things done with stupid friends. 

04:28 AM Sep 21 2008

AL Kindi

AL Kindi
United Arab Emirates

D its realy the best moments in life


the best moments for me are: to listen to my favorite song in the radio especially in the car and it will be more nicer if someone that i know like the same song so we can sing it togather:), to listen to the rain at night also i like standing under the rain :), ah to clear my exam that feels goooood :), to find money in pants that i didnt use hehe, to receive a call from someone that i didnt see but i want to, the best one and i always do is to laugh at myself when i look at the mirror and make stuped faces haha, to wake up and realize its still possible to sleep for a couple of hours<<i do that befor i go to the college<< hehe, and the last one is to laugh remembering the theings that i don with my sisters, friends and with our neigbors, realy selly and nice things haha

i havent seen the sunset from the hill top but i can imagine it, but it will be more nice in real.

i hop the  other moments will come to my life soon, so i keep them in my memories for ever.

Laughing ur freind AL Kendi

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