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November 5, 2010

Hey! You are welcome in my blog. Thanks to reading. First I'd like to talk about elementary things about myself.


Well, how should I start it... I think I know myself better than a lot of people in the world. I mean I know what I want, I have dreams and wishes. I am ready to do everything for them. I am determined and I believe in myself and my angels. I read books about how should we live, how should we behave with our fellow-being. I think it is rarely that I am sixteen years old and I am better interested in THE WORLD than boys or parties. ( Ok, ok I like flirting and having parties but this is not the most important things... ;)..but later I 'll talk about it too.) So in my blog you can read about Hungarian teenagers' life, school, opinions about the world, and you will be a witness to my dreams and wishes become true... send me lucky and energy to make it! Thanks...PEACE! Bye: Anita


16:13 PM 07 Nov 2010

Hey! I am here again.:)


Well I am on holiday right now, but It is the last day of it. Tomorrow I have to go to school...:( But I like going there. My high school is one of the best gymnasium in my city and in my country too. There are a lot of girls and boys ( who are handsome) and I enjoy it. Lessons are interesting, our teachers tell us a lot of jokes and funny things build in curricula. My classmates of boys take more enjoyable the lesson ...

But I get back to holiday. This is a break of autumn. I was surprised because it was longer than so far. It was 9 days. During this I went to cinema, to the skating rink ( I really like iceskating...) and I went to windsurfing with my father. He is a teacher and I feel lucky myself to have a father like this. The wheather was a little bit cool, but we have neopren clothes and We can go windsurfing in it to 8-10 °C water. So it's nice. I love this sport, because I like slipping on the water with great speed and it is wonderful. ( If you come to Hungary write me a letter and I can teach you! ;) ) And one of my dreams is that to become a surfing-teacher on a sea and I'd like to win some competition of the world. I believe in it and I am determined as I said. I am doing everything for it. This is apart of my life...:)

 Right now I am reading two books in English. These are about Australia and New Zealand and about Greek irelands. I wanna improve my English, bacause I'd like to take an exam. Later I am going to university so I need this. ( Next time I'll continue,  but right now I have study for tomorrow... thank you for watching!) Byeeee ;)


PM 07:38 08 Nov 2010

 Welcome here again!

Today was good, except my double hungarian literature lessons...it is irritating me. We were talking about suicide. We parsed a poem and it was about it. I can't stand it. I want to live my life in harmony and I am self-conscious to think about just good things. I am an optimistic girl. People are shocked by news when it tell us what is happening in the world. Teenagers kill themselfs and this terrible actions are shown to little children and so on... I am not surprised to this process. We learn about it. I am fed up with this......but I would like to make harmony around myself soooo....yes...

Tomorrow I am going to American Corner where I can practice and improve my English and I can make friendships too.

I am planning that in the weekend I am going to have a party because of my birthday. I will talk about it if I can organise it. I have some plans for near future for example at Christmas I'd like to perform with a song: it's 'All I want for Christmas is you..' by Mariah Carey. I like her, she has brilliant voice... In fact I like Britney Spears, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyoncé from girls...and from boys...well....Enrique Iglesias, Usher, Pitbull, Taio Cruz (Sayin' heeeeoh, Baby let's go! ) and a lots. I like classical music too, I've played the piano for 10 years. I usually write songs, later you can see it on youtube. And certainly I really like dancing too...Well that's it for today. Come and see me tomorrow too! Byeee 

(and don't scared of me, write comments and opinions! Kiss: Anita:) )

03:05 AM Oct 10 2011

Saudi Arabia

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01:16 AM Nov 15 2010


Comment on "Welcome to here again"

Wow,u r really a talented and optimistic girl Smile

Well,i like these singers too !  .....XDXDXD.....

Well,i dont know whether u know something  in China and Japan.

I mean what u told about suicide hunmmmm,about young . For example,in China,we study in high school from 7AM to 9PM and we have too much homework,sometime even dont have weekends.We dont have time like u to spend on hobbies.Too many students under too much pressure . Like in my school,there was a very great boy who always got full score on many subjects.But he killed himself cuz too much pressure about the parents,teacher and test.Frown(U said something about suiside remind me of these,please never mind Smile)

Anyway,i am looking forward  ur songs on Youtube :D  !!!  




12:56 AM Nov 15 2010


Comment on "Im here again"

Wow,u r such a sports and studious girl  Smile

I think ur  father who is a teacher must affect u on study :)

And u really have many dreams, so nice :)

11:18 PM Nov 14 2010


Comments on wishes

After reading,i like what u said U r interested the world more than boys andparties :)  It's good for U !  That's what we should be : To maintain the curiosity to the world  Smile !  And i think sure,u can achieve ur dreams :) U r a girl know urself very much ,it's very good ! In life,less ppl know themselves :)

10:51 AM Nov 08 2010


United States

hey) is it really hard to windsurf?) 

01:38 PM Nov 05 2010


best wishes for you anita :) 

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I like doing sports, writing songs, playing the piano, singing, reading...I am exrtovert to everything. Here I'd like to know people from other countries with other cultures...:)

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I don't really like bad people, who think that this world is just about money and surface. It is about love.:)

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