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August 15, 2008



Dear Sami,


Do you still remember you ever said “Time can be created”?


This saying changed me a lot.


Before I heard this, every time I indulged in study, I almost forgot anything else. When I had to eat, I urged myself “Hurry, Hurry...” When I had to wash, I urged myself “Hurry, Hurry...” I even hurried myself into sleep...


Those days, study became the only indulgence in my life. Though everyday I was always in a hurry, time seemed never enough!


Till that day, you said, “Time can be created!”


Time can be created? What a saying? I don’t know how you create time. However, from then on, this saying always echoes by my side.


I no longer urged myself. Instead, I concentrate on cooking, washing whenever I have to. I feel the water flowing down my hands. I watch the rainbow colour in the bubbles. Listening to my breath, I fall into sweet sleep...


No hurry! Just in peace.

  At first I doubted whether I slowed down the speed, in fact I found I did not waste any time!  



It is really a miracle. Though there are still 24 hours one day, a day seems longer than before.


I have a strong feeling that my time not merely passes along its length, but stretches its width and depth as well. Life no longer lay somewhere in the future. Life is now. Life is every today. That’s why we call it “present”!


Time can be created! -- had taught me how to appreciate each present moment and concentrate my mind on today's life. And life is so marvelous!


Today, I am never the same as I used to be.


Time can be created! From you, Sami!

 Thanks and regards,



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