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July 13, 2011

I just busy all the time , the working , the eating , the sleeping ,without any kinds lf learning , even i had a lot of plan , which one i want to learn , i have bought a lot of books, they always laying on my bed room . some pens here , and notebook too , but all my attention focus on the computer, chating online, play game , watching tv, listening music,, so the time pass so quickly , i just see a film , two ours gone, just plan a small games ,  half  hours gone, i reall do not know which life is the normal , how does the other people arrange their daily life time , if they have the leisure time.

I feel sick on some parts of my body , i feel unhealth of the diet, i feel alone when i find that i do not get the things i work with ,  i am so desperation, what i am going to do , what should i do with my life, i always feel that some people get the smile on the face when they walk pass me , i see they are always feel happiness , i always get the big smil , i can not do that , i just feel that my smile just too small and unnatural , how should i do ?? anyone can give me some advice ?

I have two sister , they are twins, this time , i am just worried with their work , i hope i can help them find a work that have the weekend , have one day rest .

I hope that all things will be great soon.

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