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funky japanese businessman

funky japanese businessman


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February 1, 2009

Hi everyone in Ebaby. I would like to introduce briefly myself through this ebaby blog. 

 I am a dancer and a video making enthusiast. I am  trying to start a career in the broadcasting industry to reach my over all goal as a documentarist and Journalist. Eventually I would like to be a media literate broadcaster who can bring important information to public. This is just my ideal goal. If I can achieve this goal, it would be great, but at the same time I know that it is not an easy thing to achieve. Even I do not reach this goal,  I defenitely want to be a person who can do positive thing and help people by doing what he can do. Now question to you, what is your ideal career goal? Why you want to pursue the career you have chosen?  

 Go back to my story,

I love dancing. I am learning Rocking (UpRocking), Breaking, Funkstyle dancing, which, all conbined, peaople know as "street dancing." I do not really like to call "street dancing," as I do not like the sound and each style of dancing has history and philosophical aspect that you cannot just say "Oh Street dance, it is cool". It is more than street dancing, and I am learning dancing this seriously for no particular reason. I have learned a dancing from great people in SF, and all over the world. I appreciate that I have learned from great teachers. I am dancing to keep learning and to say thank you to those who have taught me. 


Well enough about me as you may fall a sleep listening a personal story that you may not care....by the way, I have a web site: http://koach.funkyjapanesebusinessman.net/webpage/Welcome.html

I have built this web site to make my port folio, but at the same time I am trying to make this web site as a reference about Japan. I am trying to tell about a Japan through my personal Japanese eye in my blog. It is still under construction, but I just want to promote my web.

Thank you if you read this entry, and have a good one.



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Dancing, day-dreaming, scuba diving, learning, editing and shooting video project, blogging, swimming, cooking, ect list will go on

things I like to do: learning something new, editing and using camera, dancing, cooking, list will go on

things I hate: free labor, being yelled at, being beate,

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