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February 26, 2008

December 25, 2009

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| 01:46 AM Jun 28 2012


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

cute face

| 10:50 AM Mar 14 2012

ezzat salah


I loved you
I loved you ….. Really loved you
O slaves of my heart
And captured my mind
And charmed my eyes
O my lover the only
And the only Mahawkty
Mark ….. love will not divide us even letters
I want you to love … and that Tqublana Ngmarena love and desires
Always together …. together ….. between Ahoudank
Dreaming of you.
I see you in front of me waking
And wander in the heart Shoty
I live between your eyelids
And live my chest,
In the arms of my heart
Cavity in the old …..
I fear you even from myself
I change you … Even whispering
I love you so .. I want you Damiafa lap
I want to be with you
Away from the eyes of humans
On another planet
So …. Not for the fans
But to us …. To us alone
We live together
And saturate your love of
Hear pulse lover
Banny and tell you I love you
The number of grains of sand
Breathing of the number of lovers
I miss you
I want you
I miss my hands now because Ttelmusy
You’ll find until you Anamly Tstaq
Warmly heartbeat are due to this
Dancing with joy for the accommodation of my hands in your hands
I miss because I live Ahoudank
I miss your heart, because I feel the pulse of my heart
Make me taste the taste of happiness
I loved you from the depths of my heart
I love you and I still love you
Aahabibty …...
Baby I want you to play the play as a young mother Btfilha
Habibata I want to be among Ahadank My punishment I want to forget the bitter
Ahmsa love me and my jaws Play in my bonds, I do not want to be a prisoner
Baby .. let me sleep all the years between your thighs
I want to sleep between your thighs and beautiful stories Troyn
Let me sleep between Ahadank to forget the sorrow and Ostekin
Baby .. Gtini tenderly, I lost your chest warm nostalgia
I want you, baby .. Qublana should turn Hevcaya Mezkina
Baby .. So cold and I want you to Bashvtak Tdwina
Baby I want you to put pressure on my mouth and you keep it Tqublana
I love Theljt Hevcaya I want to Tqublana Oschenana
Baby .. I want him Ocharina thermosetting hot Dhubena
Baby I want you to give me Give me your lips before the
I want to Atelmusha Vsedkina that is enough
Baby .. You are a flower in the desert I Tzhreinn
You are a red flower in the desert I Tneptan
You are a white flower in the desert I Tkiprin
Habayta you a pink flower Batrk Alraaúa Tfouhan
You are scanty my sad heart
When you go out you will not
You are in my heart, you are in my heart Tsknin
I love you and I love the day when I saw you smile at me
I love you and I love the word of mouth and you’re out Taatvohin
I like your shadow is yours Aahba in my heart over the years
Baby .. Let’s leave the world away
Let’s go up on a horse and love going to a new world
Let’s leave behind the pain of the times and stay together in our love is certain
We remain in a see us where there is
Maana sweeter and live happy days of our time
Let’s fly on the horse and forget the pain of severe time
Baby .. Show that you’re always with me This is what I want
I’m with you I forget Hmomci I would be happiest of all happy
Baby .. When I am with you I feel I was born again
Baby your love in my heart for Aivob even melted down the iron
Vhabay you are stronger than everything I Ookd you I love you with all types of stress
Ahdhanana Dwina, baby ..
Give me Give me the warmth Ahadank
Include your chest warm to Include
Aangana my love and all the heat Qublana
For the Mini in the Mini Ahadank
I feel cold Vdwina
I want you to Tdfi Vahmina my heart from the cold and Gtini
Include watch implicit
Click this bar to view the full image.
Baby has arrived even love infatuation
Madness has struck me and I started without you I do not sleep
Baby Lift your arms to fly together about dreams
Let us go away together and forget the pain
Baby your love in my heart overflowing with the passage of days
Baby do not leave me never leave me, I love you not complain pain
Put your hand Baby my hand will never say goodbye to our love will not raise the flag of surrender
We will fight us every Maimer I adore you .. This is not just talk
He said the baby of the illusions of love??
I love Shahu I saw you I learned that love does not sleep the rest of the
Baby our love will become a legend tells the story in the movies
Baby .. You are me and I you I live sweeter stages of your love
Thus ended my love my hair all the pain that Nsana

| 02:43 PM Feb 22 2011




| 02:27 AM Aug 17 2010



popular girl .. :)

| 08:54 PM Feb 10 2010



hi. beautiful lady. I want to be friends with you. Want to be friends with me my msn address .. kedisiz10@hotmail.com

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