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June 3, 2009

i like it

i like it

April 26, 2009

nice lake

nice lake

April 26, 2009

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| 08:17 AM Jun 27 2009



Thanks a lot! You are nice too my friend!:)

| 01:14 AM Jun 27 2009


United States

hello dear
my name is favour and my contact adderss is (favourjammeh@yahoo.com) i am a beautiful young girl with full of love and carely, well i saw your profile at (www.englishbaby.com) and i love it, i think we can click together. please i will like you to contact me through this my email adderss thus (favourjammeh@yahoo.com) please contact me with my email adderss i will like to show you my photo and at desame time you will know more about me.once again please contact me true my email adderss.dont send it to the site,the will not allow me to read your reply dou to i dont have any access their.so please email with my address.
thanks for your understanding

| 01:05 AM Jun 27 2009

jamal pachath


Hi carliha, thank you for your comments.

| 07:09 PM Jun 26 2009

Carlinha BR


Thanks my friend…

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