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tae yeon

tae yeon
South Korea

November 13, 2007

May 17, 2008

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| 01:30 PM Jan 31 2010


South Korea

Nice pic with natural nature. i guess it seems like outside of your homeland. Anyway, you sholdn’t cover your mouth with a hand. You are amazingly beautiful enough to show your whole face.

| 08:39 AM Jan 20 2010



nice pic lol

| 10:11 PM Oct 16 2008


United States

Lol,that should be “an liang ha sai you”,am i right?

| 06:57 AM Aug 05 2008



hey um…..aniaseyo?say it in english and i think that means hello in korean sry i dont no how to right it in korean words i just no how to pronounce…..n um….....i dont no how to say this in korean but you are pretty~ teach me how to say that in korean cuz im gona use it a lotXD

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