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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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| 08:20 AM Jan 09 2011


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Imam Mohammad Bagher (peace be upon him) is the fifth shiny star in the sky of Imamate, the seventh precious stone of the scene of innocents and elaborator of the Islamic sciences. He spent the whole of his valuable life and all the moments of his living on guidance of the human beings. Imam Bagher (p.b.u.h.) used much the grounds having been prepared by his honorable father, Imam Sajad (p.b.u.h.) towards introduction of Shiite school and fighting with the oppressors and by education of distinguished students and by elaboration of pure religion of Islam and the family of the prophet (p.b.u.h.), he took the greatest action towards introduction of Shiite and the school of the family of prophet.
He was present in Karbala and Ashoura of Imam Hossein when he was 40 years old and accompanied his father in his travel to Kufeh and Sham and witnessed all the events and was educated according to culture of Ashoura.
He was a manifestation of higher human values and ethical attainments and all the moments of his bright life were full of precious lessons for human beings.
Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) named him many years before he was born and prescribed to Jaber Ibn Abdullah Ansari: “Oh! Jaber! You will see one of my sons who bears the same name as me and look likes me, he is some one who breaks science just as a seed is broken out of which tree and fruits grow, he elaborates and interprets science.”
To find out the high scientific rank of Hazrat Imam Mohammad Bagher (p.b.u.h.), we seize the opportunity to mention a part of his scientific discussion.
The great pious mentioned his questions as follows:
“The creature of God! tell me what is the time when it is neither night nor the day?” Imam Bagher (p.b.u.h.) answered: “It is an hour from the time of morning praying to sun rise.” The great pious asked: “so what is it, if it is neither the night or the day?” Imam replied: “It is an hour of paradise, when the patients are cured and those having problems are relieved. God has considered this hour sweetly for those who think about pandemonium and settlement of their conducts by God, and the dark hearted ignore pleasure of this hour, passing it in sleep.”
The great pious said: What you said, is quite correct, I have another question, tell me, you say when those who should stay in paradise are sent there, they do not excrete though they drink and eat all types of foods, is it possible in the world? Imam Bagher (p.b.u.h.) prescribed: “Yes it is true about a child in his mother’s thumb, what he eats is part of his body and he does not excrete.” The great pious said” “You are right. I ask it again or do you have a question?” Imam replied: ask me whatever you wish. He asked: “you say there is a tree in the paradise, named: Touba, having different fruits, whatever the inhabitants of paradise eat, none of its fruits will be lessen, is it also possible in the world?” Imam replied: “Yes, it is like a flame in the world by which the other things are flamed while it will not be removed itself.
Some say that the pious man was inverted to Islam and Imam Bagher (p.b.u.h.) made him a Muslim in one meeting. Imam Bagher (p.b.u.h.) states in a narration: “No one will love us but by making good and by being pious.”
We seize the opportunity to express some matters in proving the truthfulness of the great Imams and necessity for following the innocent relatives of prophet.
Guidance to truth is the necessary point in infallibility.
Is one who guides the people to truth is more deserved for leading or one who does not, except if he is guided himself. So, how do you feel, the pagans? How can you have such a void judge for the idols? (sura: Younes, verse: 35)
In this sacred verse, God instructs to his prophet the quality of reasoning for the pagans. How to prove to them, no partner shall be considered to God to be worshipped, and how based on the same need, they shall follow truth and honesty and shall take far from all except truth.
This is the reasoning by wisdom; because it is based on a general principle, the principal being necessity for following truth continuously. Thus, reasoning by relying on necessity of obedience and following an innocent Imam (p.b.u.h.) will make the best reason and to apply the principle of reasoning, we shall state the base in the introduction.
One of the man’s inborn and wisdom decrees is necessity to follow truth. This decree is a general law, on which man is always depended and if he deviates in his actions or dialogues and if he intends something other than truth, due to his self needs or a doubt or any mistake made by him, it is for what he thinks about truth and it is because of his error or because the fact is concealed of him, that he follows anything other than truth. So he will make the excuses and will consider the fact that he made a mistake in knowing the truth, as an excuse.
Thus, truth shall be enforceable without any term and condition. And for the same principle another rule is considered, which is, one who leads to truth, shall be followed. It is imperative to follow him, because he is right and he shows the truth, so he shall be followed and shall enjoy priority to others who do not lead to right path or do not indicate the truth or those who indicate something/some one other than the truth. Because following one who leads to truth is the same as following the truth.
So, based on what has been mentioned, following the truth is an essential, inborn, and intellectual decree.
Based on the same principle, Holy Koran establishes its reasoning against the pagans in the way that: firstly, it asks them: Oh prophet! Ask them: Is among the partners you consider for God, anyone who might lead you to truth? (sura: Younes, verse: 35) it is obvious that the pagans have no answer in this field. Because the partners they consider for God are either inanimate or idol or if the are living, they are angles, fauns, pharaohs, masters whom they follow and it is clear that none of them can lead anyone to truth, because they impose no loss, bring no profit, have no life, will not die. So, when the pagans give no positive answer, God orders the prophet to immediately reply: It is God Who leads to the Truth. And has leaded the creature in the complementary goal to what he needs and will provide to him, his needs.
As God orders: When Pharaoh asked Moses and Haroon who was their God? They replied: Our God is the One Who has bestowed to any creature in the world of His creation, his own needs, then created him and then leaded him to Himself. Sura: Taha, verse: 50
So, it is God Who leads man to prosperity and to Paradise and absolute felicity by dispatching to them the prophets and the divine books and decrees.
So, we will use what has been mentioned to prove that Man shall follow a person who leads to Truth, of course he is one who is leaded himself intrinsically, not one who has been leaded by another man and he is the innocent Imam who has not worshiped anyone but God and has made no sin. Such a person has been guided to God without any need to any meddler. But, a person who has committed a sin or has worshipped other than God, even though he has been punished and has worshipped God and is fair now, but, he will not deserve the rank of Imamate and might not be followed.
Thus, it is imperative to follow the innocent Imam and it is forbidden to follow others.

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