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December 10, 2007

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| 02:21 PM Jan 27 2009



hmmmmmmmm u are so beautifil and lovely…

| 08:31 AM Jan 17 2009



Some people just can touch yoiur heart like no one else, it is sad to see them go but they will always have a special place in your heart what else ” tell me who your friend is and then i tell you who you are” i told you about my friend, so maybe i am also this way, a bit weird, a bit romantic, a bit realistic, a bit naive, a bit sad, a bit lonely, a bit …well, quite a lot a hit, right:) so i will let you make your own impression and hope it will be positive, yes, somehow i am striving for perfection, not in the rough meaning, not in a selfish one, i want to be a good friend, a good daughter, a good partner, but the word good does sound impersonal to me, without anything specific, and for different people it has different meaning, but i hope i can touch someone’s life but not leave, stay and with my tender touch make it somehow warmer and happier, do you think i could?
Who are you? You are just you :)... with your deep contraversial personality, sweet smile, tender hands, passion, when i look into your eyes I see the first sun rays enlighting the sky just before the dawn, i see a child who lives deep inside of you and even though you are trying to hide him frowning your forehead, i still can sence him, so why are you still trying to be so serious, i wonder, when i see you i know that I chose the right place to be, CLOSE TO YOU
About myself? Well, that’s not the easiest thing to talk about. I believe you get to know a person while communicating with him or her, and so I guess I need to say something to make me interesting to talk to. I don’t think I have anything really extraordinary about me, I’m just a normal girl with a job, with some friends, with some dreams and with a lot of love which needs to be shared, but with nobody to share it with… I have an ideal of a family, and I want to create this family, but it takes two to tango as they say, and with all my desire one desire is not enough to do it. So I’m in a search. And now my search has led me here, after several fruitless attempts to find my love here. I have very strong family values, I’m open-minded, friendly, romantic and affectionate. I love life, and there is only one thing I’m able to hate, which is betrayal. They say I’m a very good friend, and this is pleasant to hear, but I also need one very special friend who will then become more than a friend for me, much more…
What am I doing here? I often ask this question to myself. I never thought I would be looking for love on the Internet. Not that I don’t believe in romance or don’t believe in love, just somehow this thought never crossed my mind. But times change, and here I am looking for a man. Not just a man, though, but THE WOMAN. My Woman… I don’t even know what he should be like, so many girls create a precise image, and then try to judge every woman by the similarity to that perfect image they’ve created. This is silly. I only know what qualities he should possess – she is str, caring, affectionate, reasonable, supportive, intelligent and have that crazy side to herself because otherwise he will not understand me, because I’m not a typical girl. Do you think you match the deion and want to know what makes me different from the rest? Just write me, I will gladly tell you ;-)
My MSN is: kutay_jp2005@hotmail.com
How are you?
I wanna introduce myself:
I went my schools in our district also University..I had graduated form S.Demirel University,Faculty of Electronic,Department of Electronic and also completed basic english school.I was intelligent student..While I was in University I went to Spain and France for the professional training with my 3 friends in 2007.We stayed there in San Sebastian,Bilbao 120days and also Cannes, Lyon and Tolouse 25 days.I worked there in a factory.We knew there a lot of people all over the world.France was very good.I liked there.Churches and Catedrals was absolutely glamorous and also Madrid Tower.
I also had been to Turkish Republic of The Northern Cyprus ( NCTR )
I am 34 years old,74kg, slim body, brown natural hair
and brown eyes.I live in Ankara where is the capital of Turkish Republic.I’m a young, attractive,
charming, tender and intelligent with sense of humour Turkish Boy, with
brown eyes and little brown hair.My hobbies are various:I love music and art
and painting, play on the keyboard.I’m interested in sport gymnastic,
swimming, skating and skiing, dances, tennis.I love traveling , knowing a
world around me, to learn other cultures.I am an ordinary boy who is looking
for more human happiness and self-expression. I just want to be happy and
present this wonderful feeling to people whom I love. I am very joyful and
open-minded boy.

| 12:53 PM Dec 22 2008



hello baby gırl what are you doing

| 12:47 PM Dec 22 2008



sexy body

| 06:10 AM Nov 12 2008



Hi Sweet_Cinderelly
Thank you,how are you life?I’m glad to meet you,my name’s Yüksel.Have a nice cheerful,happy good and better days,kiss you..See you

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