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i love life
Palestinian Territory, Occupied

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| 02:33 AM Jul 14 2017



Wow, so nice and heart touching photo and pray for father custom writing services you must write on it. This photo tells life is very important and respect your love one. I to realize after this post.

| 09:22 AM Feb 15 2017



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| 08:29 AM May 04 2012

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Thank you my friends for this nice words .

| 11:39 AM May 02 2012



May your parents get well soon man…
I know you’re doing it very well but still I’d like to say that take care of them…
Stay Blessed…

| 10:49 AM May 02 2012

Irene Forever


I’ve been praying for your father’s health since I found out he got ill.
I’m also with you in your prayers. Be close to your Mother these days because she is suffering together with your father.
I hope the doctors are mistaken and your father will be better soon.
May Allah help your father to recover.