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Neo Saito

Neo Saito

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| 08:28 AM Jan 08 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thanks for information about your country Neo!
I looked at your link and pictures too!
Its really intersting to know about other countries culture and customs!
You know what is interesting!!
What is considered taboo in my country and if someone makes or shows this statue in public will be punished ,its holy in other country and people bow to it and respect it!
I think exchange of cultural information is the most inetesting advantage of being on Ebaby!:)
And Irene!
Your comment about the difference between Japanese and Ukrainian men … hahaha …you make me laugh!:))

| 07:28 AM Jan 08 2013

Irene Forever


Neo, I have seen all pictures via the link you left here.I didn’t try to translate the text in Google translator as it’s enough for me to see that the thing is very powerful.People look at it and treat it with reverence.I don’t only understand the difference between Japanese and Ukrainian men’s genitals. I can only imagine what could it be if Ukrainian men carried it around the city I live in.:)))
By the way, when I worked in Mongolia, I saw the alike sculpture.
I have read that Wakamiya Hachimangu temple was built for the prostitute’s money in order people could pray there for never being ill with venereal diseases. A cool method from such nasty things.:)))

| 04:23 AM Jan 08 2013

Neo Saito


Thanks for your comment,ola33
I hope you can refer this page and translate it into your own language,

| 03:56 AM Jan 08 2013



interesting! how come our journalist, Vsevolod Ovchinnikov who used to walk in Japan for many years and wrote an amazingly infromative and interesting book about Japan and his experiences being there- like tea ceremony, like the history of Kimono, like karate, sakura, mountain Fugi, like Japanese spirit, but he never mentioned about that piece of culture.

| 03:26 AM Jan 08 2013

Neo Saito


By this picture,I found out that many people speaks English very well.So that…I hope every confliction between countries and races will be gone away in the near future through English as they respect their own culture.

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