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Liana's Dream
United States

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| 09:57 PM Jan 15 2013

Liana's Dream

United States

yes dear Mahtam,the meaning of Liana is(to twine around)

| 07:36 AM Jan 15 2013


Russian Federation

We have a plant which is called liana in Russian.

| 05:17 AM Jan 15 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Can you tell me the meaning of your name?:)

| 07:44 AM Jan 14 2013

Liana's Dream

United States

aha ok dear Mahtab:
wow your idea is very interesting dear ola:)

| 07:01 AM Jan 14 2013



My native is Russian and I have a great respect to this language and it will my treasure forever. But I grew up in Ukraine where I learned Ukrainian. And that language appeals to me by its melodic rythm, by its humor. I like English as well as it’s totally a different language; it’s logic, it’s very organized in spite of the many exceptions.
And now I’m learning French. I like it too. So we kind of switched with Depardieu. :))
My dream is to learn Estonian, my blood language, as well. But I need an Estonian native speaker. Otherwise it will be no sense.

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