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Irene Forever

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| 11:04 PM Jan 22 2013

Irene Forever


Lena, right. I’d like to help poor homeless people, especially kids and also homeless animals.
Both are cute, and the cat seems to feel very comfortable lying on the dog. :)What about dog? He doen’t look so happy. He’s just keeping his patience. What he can do with a sticky cat!:)

| 10:57 PM Jan 22 2013

Irene Forever


My dear Mahtab, if love makes us feel bad, it might be not mutual. It would be great if we loved those who love us. But we go in different dirrection.:) We choose somebody we love and begin to think we are loved too. In such a case we become vulnerable. If a man doesn’t love, he doesn’t care about our love to him.
You shouldn’t hate love, my dear, because you are a gem who must be loved by the man who matches you.He must have a big heart and show you the meaning of love. Everyone has her or his own hight time. I believe in love.

| 10:06 PM Jan 22 2013


Russian Federation

They are both so cute!
I love animals and I’d like to be a very rich person just to defend them all, to build more shelters for them…
Oh, why, Mahtab? O_o

| 06:42 PM Jan 22 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

We should stop everything that dosent let you think rightly!
Love can ruin your future!
Love can kill your soul!
I hate love!

| 02:15 PM Jan 22 2013

Irene Forever


Yes, Ryo, I think so too.:)

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