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| 05:57 AM Aug 31 2013

Learner of Life


@The Last Joke
That’s so true. I believe in that.
reading your comment here makes me think how I’m blessed to know people like you who have good thought and deep understanding of the true from Allah.
What I think about the picture above is just to motivate other people too that what they might thought something is hard to be done, but by hard effort and Allah’s permission it is possible to be done
I agree with you too if you mean that the word “watch me” as if show that you are proud with what you achieve and hope others to watch it.
In doing everything it should be just do it not for others sake, but it should be done for seeking Allah’sake.
Thank you sis :)

| 02:50 AM May 30 2013



Don’t even have to say “watch me” because those ‘nice wishes’ will never recognize your achievements, just do it not for them, but for yourself.

| 04:37 AM Mar 05 2013

The Last Joke


SISTER : By the way ; what do you mean in this ???

| 04:18 AM Mar 05 2013

The Last Joke


Allah is always watching, always hearing and is the best watcher and the best hearer and he sees and hears everything. He has full knowledge of what we reveal and what we conceal. He is always available to contact and His “line” is never busy. So, make more and more dua and be sure that He will give you what you ask for if your intention is pure.

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