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Russian Federation

February 24, 2015

February 25, 2016

January 2, 2018

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| 01:50 AM Jun 27 2015


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

up of Russian Federation!
that s emaizing place!
very good photo
i want tomorrow here!
but i cant coming!

| 01:39 PM Apr 25 2015


Russian Federation

It is really so :)

| 04:04 PM Apr 22 2015



I’d love to take a roof tour!! For sure you can’t get bored from it.

| 03:31 PM Apr 22 2015


Russian Federation

You are right, it is a sunset )Behind me you can see fences, which are placed to prevent people from falling down. In the central part of the city all roofs are joined with each other, and it is possible to cross a very long distance, stepping from one roof to another.
In summer some tour agencies organize special walks on city roofs , which is popular entertainment for citizens and for tourists as well. And taking pictures there is not dangerous )

| 11:27 AM Feb 25 2015



It’s a beautiful view at sunset (is it sunset? or sunrise? I think the first).
P.S. I was always afraid to fall from roof so I never took photos in such places ))