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Personality test



United Kingdom

Try this test below.  It's a personality test and can give some interesting information about yourself.  Do it quickly to get best results.  If enough people post it back here, i'll add the analysis at the bottom later..Just for fun!

  1. You are walking through a forest; describe it.


  2. Through this forest is a path; describe it.


  3. Along the path you come upon a key; what does it look like; what condition is it in?
    Do you pick it up?


  4. Farther along the path you find a cup; what does it look like; what is it made of; what condition is it in?
    Do you pick it up?


  5. As you continue walking, you come to an obstacle; describe it.
    What do you do? If you go around it or past it, then how?


  6. Next you happen upon a body of water; describe it.
    Do you get in it? How fast is it flowing?


  7. As you walk along, you come to a shelter of some sort; what does it look like?
    Do you spend the night?


  8. Finally, you're walking along when you reach a fence; what does this fence look like; what is it made of; what condition is it in?

    Beyond the fence is a field; describe that.

    Do you go over the fence into the field?                                                                                                                       

08:20 PM Jan 15 2008 |

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1. There are a lot of high trees and I can hear bears’ voice ^^
2. This path is very long and I can see a light at the end of it.
3. The key is gold between the rocks. Of course I pick it up! And moreover I start to imagine that maybe it’s key to treasure, which maybe I can find :D
4. The cup is made of wood, I don’t pick it up.
5. This obstacle is a big hole, I look in it, but it’s very dark, so I just pass it and go further.
6. It’s a small waterfall. I am very thirsty so I try this water and clean my hand.
7. This shelter is made of some branches and big leaves. It is starting to become dark, so I decided to spend a night there.
8. The fence isn’t so high. I am afraid to go through the field, because I don’t know how big it is. I think I am coming back to the starting point :D

It is so cool :) Thxx ! :) 

06:33 PM Oct 30 2012 |