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Improve your English with this game!!!



Hi! I am Ervic Sangel from the Philippines. Do you want to improve your English?Well, then let's play this game we call, Story Game. The objective is, one is going to start a story and the others will continue it with their own make-up stories. This will surely improve your skills in thinking, creative writing, and vocabulary all at the same time. Now, let me start off…


The sun was at its highest, Ivan planned to go to his friend's house. While he was walking, he passed by the street where some children were fighting. He was very ambivalent if he would stop them as he saw the toddlers fighting with one another; hitting one's face so hard. A very appalling situation that he never saw since his childhood because he was born in a very peaceful place. He aimed to go near the children to try to stop them but as he made his first step towards them, a boy cried so loud shouting at the top of his lungs, "Mommy, help me! They're killing me. Help!" Ivan, though the eldest among the people on that place, was scared. He ran as fast as he could, ignoring everything that he hit, until he finally came to his friend's house.


<Now, try to build your own story that would continue the adventure of Ivan>Laughing

01:40 PM Jan 16 2008 |

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when he reached at his friend house he was very scared.he was scared by the situation he saw.his fiend ask him to come in his room and ask the reason of his scared.ivan told him the hole situation.his friend was habitual of these situation he unterstand his friend that this is the normal situation and the part of the live.he also realized him that he should help them in stopping ther fight.don’t tke it serious his, i know this is not good but…his friend said.so don’t be scared and be happy.ivan after meetiing his friend was little bit relax.
i m not perfect so don’t laughh.u r free to highlight my mistake.continue helping me

04:11 AM Jan 17 2008 |



United Arab Emirates

very nice game…I like the story but I don't know how to compelet it. 

04:26 AM Jan 17 2008 |




my english is very poor ,i can't continue….

04:28 AM Jan 17 2008 |



when he reached his friend's house,his legs were shiviring.He told all the story to his friend. ivan and his friend went at that place and solve the matter very politely.

after all this ivan's friend see that his friend was very upset.He asked what happened?but ivan didn't reply.after a while ivan told that he frighten with fighting. he can't face all this situation lonely.


05:41 AM Jan 17 2008 |



TO All: It's all right. Everybody commits mistakes. YOU can never learn if you are afraid to err. A person doesn't learn without being corrected. Hence, we must not be mad if we're corrected on the other hand.

This game aims to improve our knowledge in English as Second Language or simply known as ESL. According to statistics that I read few years ago (I forgot the title of the statistics) that people who usually use English or people of those places where English is mandatory are basically the ones who always commit more mistakes than those who are not speaking English everyday. This is simply because we (using ESL) are very conscious of our language especially in terms of grammar, spelling and pronunciation.


Now, as part of this game, everyone is persuaded to write any short story that would continue the adventure of Ivan. The thing is that, we must abide to the flow of the story. Let's refrain from telling things again and again or in short, let's avoid repetition. Let's be more careful about the spelling. A misspelled word may alter the flow of the story. We must also consider the subject-verb agreement which is very basic. For those who don't know what subject-verb agreement is all about, click here.


Another thing is that we must observe the words we use. There are words that have lots of synonyms that can be used. Just choose one, which you think would make the story or any sentence or paragraphs more exciting to read. Limit the usage of words. I mean, if you can express yourself briefly, do it. You don't have to add more unnecessary words or phrase; it would just let you be more confused.


Lastly, be careful of punctuations, capitalization, and usage of parts of speech. Be conscious (but not to the extent of being over-consciousness) regarding of those things. Because, the better use of those will make your writing better too!


I hope I taught you a lot. If you want to know more, don't bother to drop by on my profile and add a comment asking anything you want to. Just make it sure I could answer your query.


CiAo! =) 

05:24 PM Jan 19 2008 |



i was sent two sign to u,but i not receive your sign,please answer me

07:33 AM Jan 20 2008 |



But I haven't received anything. What do you mean with"sign"?


11:15 AM Jan 20 2008 |