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let 's pratice eglish together


Viet Nam

 you know, we can't speak english well because we don't have a good enviroment to have many changes to talk to the native speakers. if we don't practice english regularly, we will meet many faults such as wrong in gramma, forgetting  the vocabulary, slow response in commnunication. and if we don't speak together, there 's no one that can repair our faults. 

so i have a suggestion. why we don't give a subject, i want to talk about a real subject, and in each subject, every people will give your ideas about it. i want to recommend that you should do your essays very carefully such as at least 100 or 200 words in your essays, trying to use the right gramma, trying to use as many new worlds as possible, it means that you have many ways to express a word, a situation or a pharse in your essays, so try to do it. with this work, we can have many changes to utilize your english resources and maybe improve your response.

and to repair the faults we get in the essays, we can make suggestion together about the gramma, the words, or maybe you think that the expression in the essays of another is not good, or you can give the more idioms in the essays … say everything you want. i thinh it the best way to improve our english.

about the way to this, i have an idea like this. if you really want to join in this subject , we will do the following things:

give a subject, a serious subject. the subject is everything aorund us, maybe love, history, the science, social, politics, the shool, the work, the trouble in your life, your dream. but you should be very serious when you write them. it will help you to utilize your english effectly.

when you give the subjct in the forum, we will star communicating together

i hope you will agree and join with me in this subject. i think that this forum maybe will help you that want to pass the TOEFl IBT test, especially the writting and speaking test.

my essays, with my thinking, have many errors. so , let's repair itLaughing

04:51 PM Sep 07 2006 |

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me too. MSN: kalvenma at hotmail.com

07:38 PM Oct 27 2006 |




Hello there!

I totally agree with you!This is a special idea to improve our English and meet poeple at the same time.I'd like to join you guys.It's really a perfect idea.

09:38 PM Oct 27 2006 |


El Salvador

Is a good idea that way I practice my english everyday

12:34 AM Oct 30 2006 |


Viet Nam

i am very glad when seeing your reply. it has been a long time to receive the reply like this. i want to cry very much ( just joking). do you intend to pass the toefl IBT test? if you want to take part int his forum, i will give you the first subject " do you think that going abroad for studying is the best way to get the best things you want to get advantages and good changes in your job? give your ideas, with example"

02:53 PM Nov 03 2006 |