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I'm here to teach English!!!!



Hello to all, this is bilal nasr from Islamabad, Pakistan. Male, Age 29, Pakistani. I am an English teacher and a poet as well… I have been doing research on English language for the last 8 years, and discovered new ways of teaching. Besides English teaching, I can also teach Time management skills, Emotional intelligence skills, self-awareness skills, Personality development skills, computer related skills, Business communication and message through my poetry lots of other basic life skills all based on pragmatic approach. I am really passionate about teaching and done deep and extensive research on English Language and come up with new ways of teaching language. Anyone seriously interested in learning this amazing language and many other skills, can contact me via my email address which is .


And above all, it’s all for Free. My main objective behind is to work of humanity (I have written a long series of poems regarding this humanity issue) and I also want to test my findings and to learn from my students so these are the reasons why I am offering all this for free. Rest be, assured there is no hidden agenda, every one can explore my personality via my orkut account “Search it on orkut, my I.D is “Bilal Nasr”…


Anyone seriously interested can send me email on my Gmail account i.e. . I’ll give prompt replies to your emails and will teach via emails….


Stay Happy!!!


Bilal Nasr

02:09 PM Jan 19 2008 |

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oh thats cool! Laughingmy email address is . Tnx!

06:41 AM Jan 23 2008 |




12:35 PM Jan 25 2008 |

purple crystal


you are so cool and sincere!

i love english and want you to help me with it seriously.

and i like your country!

i will send you emai to ensure that i do it all right .

thank you ahead!

03:09 PM Jan 25 2008 |




Hi Mr Bilal, i need your advice and your guidence to start learning english. there isn't somebody in myplace who can speak english

09:01 PM Jan 26 2008 |




 join me there  

11:22 AM Jun 10 2009 |



"it’s all for Free."..... "it’s all Free."

"My main objective behind is"....My main objective is

"send me email on my Gmail account "...send me an email to my Gmail account, or email me to my Gmail account

06:57 PM Jun 10 2009 |




i am very interest in it ,my email is emteklymat126,com,waitting for you ! thanks!

03:15 AM Jun 12 2009 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

you can help me for improve my english

02:07 PM Jun 13 2009 |




 thats mns id 

 dj_musafir  thats skype id 


05:47 PM Feb 24 2010 |

Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

help me

10:40 AM Feb 27 2010 |